Jobs Today Make College Degrees Seem Unnecessary


Jobs  today are making college degrees seem unnecessary and a waste of time. Nowadays, with more and more college graduates having a tough time finding a career, college just does not seem relevant anymore. Instead it seems like all jobs look for in a candidate these days is experience. In fact, often the first thing jobs list under requirements is a minimum of one to two years of experience in a related field, and that is just entry-level. Having a college degree is second. This could mean we should forego college education as a stepping stone to finding a decent career all together.

Of course there are those who believe in the idea of furthering education. However, while education is indeed valued and important, it cannot provide job seekers with the experience they need to land that dream job. College is full of subjects relevant to different fields of work, but none of those subjects give students a hands on feel for what it will actually be like to have a career in such a field.

This is why college students are often strongly encouraged to seek out internships and part-time jobs while in college. However, the only thing harder than finding a job these days is finding the experience to later on land that job. Every job requires experience, but then again every experience opportunity requires experience. The hardest part is not knowing when a person will get their first break if the only way to get experience is by having experience. Both are interconnected and depend on each other, without one the other is impossible.

This process is why most college graduates are coming out anxious and disheartened versus the past feelings of elation and accomplishment that was associated with graduating college. A college degree is no good if all any job advertiser wants is a person with five or more years of experience. Jobs today have made it clear that simply having a college degree is not enough and can be an unnecessary use of our time. This goes to show that college is only hindering the search for finding proper experience by taking up all of the students’ free time with useless facts and tests. In fact, a college degree has gone to prove such worthlessness even in the most highly sought out workforce there is, Google. According to Google’s senior Vice President, “14 percent of the employees at Google never went to college.” These individuals instead decided to focus on their training in computer programs and programming languages. A company like Google will not care for a paper degree when the employee can create exciting new apps.

It seems like all college is good for now is sending hopeful young graduates into the world with no job prospects and no money. Graduates leave college with an endless amount of debt but with no means of paying those loans off due to no job offerings. Often, going to college is just a habit. Parents send their children believing that is the only option, and the student goes because everyone else is going, but those are not good enough reasons to convince a person to sell their soul for four years of high tuition. When deciding whether or not college is truly the right choice, it requires more than just a shrug and an acceptance letter. It is important to consider whether the reason for going is to gain extensive knowledge in a specific field or to simply have an exciting social life. It is vital to weigh the importance of the gains and losses, knowledge being gained but money being lost. In a 2008 study, “81 percent of adults found college to be a valuable venture, while today only 57 percent agree with that statement.”

This does not mean students should dismiss college right of the bat. It just goes to show that maybe college really is not the best choice for everyone. Statistics show that “40 percent of students enrolled in college do not get a college degree within six years,” meaning sometimes the wrong people are being forced to go to college. This just wastes time and money as it is holding them back from doing something more useful with their lives and instead just leaving them in debt. Perhaps a person can actually advance further in their career simply by tweaking computers in their garage as opposed to spending endless hours in a lecture hall. Experience is the focus of all job employers these days and if that can be achieved without any guidance and for free, all the better. Jobs today have proven that having a college degree does not make as much difference as it once did and can be unnecessary. Perhaps the best way to ensure a bright future with plenty of job prospects is to forego the norm of attending college all together and instead get out there and get real life experience.

Opinion By Amena S. Chaudhri

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