Tori Spelling Not Broke: Spends Lavishly on Party

Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling has been very open with fans about her current financial problems, but according to a new report, the reality star is not too broke to spend lavishly on her child’s birthday party. Stella, Spelling’s daughter with husband Dean McDermott, just turned six and it is rumored that Spelling spent over six thousand dollars on the birthday party!

McDermott was out of town, working on his show Chopped in Canada, but he made sure to buy a last minute plane ticket and fly back to the birthday party. The family celebrated on Saturday with just close friends. McDermott made cupcakes with his daughter and took her out on a movie date.

The next day, Tori Spelling hosted the over-the-top lavish party, which contradicts her current story about being broke. Spelling had an extra six thousand dollars to spend so she could pamper Stella and 18 of her closest friends. The party was a princess theme, since Stella loves to play dress-up. Each girl dressed in princess dresses.

Each girl also received a spa robe and light-up spa slippers to wear while they received a facial, manicure, pedicure, and a new hairdo. Spelling made sure that each girl took home a Sketcher backpack filled with sparkly nail polish, Barbie dolls, costume jewelry, lip-gloss, and Disney DVD’s.

Spelling might have spent the majority of her six thousand dollar budget on the entertainment and food. For entertainment, Spelling hired professional singers to dress up like Anna and Elsa, from Frozen, and perform all Stella’s favorite songs at the party. For food, the children ate sushi, tamales, Jell-O cups, and raw veggies.

Most people who claim to be broke would not be able to throw away six thousand dollars on a party, lasting only one day. Spelling claimed in her book, Spell It Like It Is, that she was in ‘financial ruin.’ However, Spelling may have only said this to drum up sympathy in fans, so they would buy her book.

Spelling’s own mother, Candy Spelling, denied her daughter’s claims that she was broke. Candy said that Tori is very successful and does very well from the profits of her reality shows, best-selling books, and her fashion line. Candy even admitted to buying Spelling and McDermott a house in Malibu, which means Spelling doesn’t even have a house payment, something normal people, who aren’t broke, struggle to do.

McDermott requested that Spelling to go to rehab and address her extreme spending issues. Fans have watched the martial strain between Spelling and McDermott all season. If McDermott already feels that Spelling over spends, perhaps the insane amount of money Spelling just shelled out on the birthday party is going to be another source of tension between them.

It could be that Tori Spelling is really broke, and only spent lavishly on the birthday party because she struggles to control her spending habits. Or possibly, Spelling’s Hollywood perspective of being broke is very different from a normal person’s perspective of being broke. Not to worry though, Candy Spelling already said she would buy Tori an apartment if she ever finds herself needing another home.

Opinion By Sara Petersen

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  1. Leigh K   November 13, 2014 at 2:10 am

    Perhaps we are all being taken for a ride with Toris’ reality shows, books, etc. it makes for good tv I guess and evidently great for her pocketbook. We should all have 6000 to spend onour childs party. I’ve watched the show and Tori cries so much I often wonder how she can possibly emotionally keep it up physcially. Then you see all the pictures in tabloids of Dean and Tori somewhere together and they are smiling happily. Which is it?


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