Julius Malema New Appointment to JSC Ruffles Feathers

Julius Malema

Ruffled feathers and huge surprise over the shocking appointment of Julius Malema as a member of the Judicial Services Commission (JSC) of South Africa. “Outrageous” was the common comment from opposition parties who are condemning the move by the ruling African National Congress (ANC) party.

The JSC is responsible for interviewing judges and making their recommendations known to President Jacob Zuma. The JSC is also responsible for handling complaints against judges. Malema is due to appear in court in the month of September this year on charges of corruption, racketeering and money laundering. Although not guilty of any crime Malema’s appointment questions the responsibility of the justice system. The JSC appointment does include the experience Malema has based on his challenges in both the equality and insolvency courts.

Malema is accused of not understanding the process of the judicial system and in the interest of accountability and independent judiciary has been called to reject the officer. As an elected member of parliament, Malema does qualify for the post and public comments consider this move to be a positive change toward an accurate reflection of the South African Society.  However, law experts have commented that Malema is illegally in parliament based on the provisional sequestration action against him, and the JSC placement is considered illegal.

The mockery of the appointment of Julius Malema, who stands accused of a series of criminal charges, has drawn serious comments from the public. The public think Zuma, who as president also has corruption and other charges against him, has brought another clown to the corruption circus ruling the land for his choice of JSC appointments. Perhaps the appointment will sweeten Malema’s outspoken attitude in parliament and cause him to show more respect for his colleagues. Malema according to the ANC has not been found guilty of any crimes and that is a qualifying aspect for the post to the JSC.

The tactics of the sudden position of placing Malema as part of the JSC team has raised a concern that the ANC government wants to gain the trust of Malema and use his vote to change the constitution. This move will give the ruling party the right to land reform without compensation and nationalize mines. There was much surprise and ruffled feathers at the announcement of the appointment once again bringing sharp criticism to the ANC, who are considered to be ignoring the educated and qualified people that might be appointed in top-level security positions – a move that would show stability and competence to the citizens who earnestly yearn for positive results.

It is a widely understood fact that the entire justice system is on a downward trend with corruption leading the department to a total collapse. Several top positions are filled with comrades chosen by the ANC, who has been criminally charged on corruption and other sinister acts. The appointment of Robert McBride, the responsible person for the shocking Durban bombing during the 1980s to the top position of the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) was a shocker and seen as seriously bad decision taken by the ANC to head this top post. McBride’s appointment was seen as one of the worst decisions made by the ruling party, and the trend of placing people based on their loyalty to the ANC during the struggle years is now a reality.

The public comments bring a mixture of disappointment, disapproval, shame and outrage to the appointment of Julius Malema to the JSC. While a few positive comments recommend his appointment as an authentic democratic move that will give the Julius Malema followers real protection, these comments do little to soothe the ruffled feathers that have resulted from the move.

Opinion By Laura Oneale

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