Kanye West Does Community Service at Fashion School

Kanye West

Kanye West

Kanye West has opted out of wearing a bright orange vest and picking up trash on the side of a road for his community service, and instead the rapper is teaching students at a fashion school. On Monday, West headed over to L.A. Trade Technical College to speak with students about the fashion industry.

This will be West’s third visit to the school in the last six weeks. L.A. Trade Technical College specializes in designing apparel. West spoke to the class for over three hours about his experience in the fashion industry, launching his own fashion line, and possibly his love for leather jogging pants.

Kanye West was at the fashion school to knock off some of the 250 hours of community service stemming from a lawsuit filed against him for attacking paparazzi last August. West was caught trying to wrestle the camera away from an aggressive photographer, who was antagonizing him while he was leaving the Los Angeles International Airport.

The photographer was shouting questions at West, which set the rapper off. West shouted to the photographer, ordering him not to speak to him or anyone he knew. The photographer kept asking questions, asking why he couldn’t speak to the rapper. Kanye West finally snapped, turned around, and walked back to the photographer. West then attacked and punched the photographer, who fell to the ground in pain. The photographer was transported in an ambulance to an emergency room.

West struck a deal in the battery case to avoid jail time. West plead no contest, and instead of serving jail time, the rapper was ordered to complete 24 months of probation and 250 hours of community service. West also must complete 24 sessions of a level-two anger management program. West also had to turn himself in for formal booking.

Other celebrities, who also ran into trouble with the law, were made to endure much harsher environments to complete their community service. Lindsay Lohan was ordered to complete her community service at a Los Angeles morgue. Chris Brown was ordered to pick up trash on the side of a road, wearing a bright orange vest. How West was able to swing his posh community service is unknown and fans might feel it is a bit unfair.

It is reported that West will not only speak at the L.A. Trade Technical College, but many other fashion colleges around Los Angeles. West spoke for three hours in one session, so he will have to teach roughly 83 more class sessions to complete all 250 hours of community service.

West is very particular about his fashion choices and has even been credited for making over his new wife, Kim Kardashian. West also appeared in Vogue with Kardashian, something that will surely come up in his teachings.

Since Kanye West has decided to complete his community service at many fashion schools, the rapper is going to be getting quite a bit of teaching experience. It was reported that the lesson West taught today was focused on designers.

By Sara Petersen

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