Kendall Jenner Commando Look at MMVA: Miley Cyrus Wannabe?

Kendall Jenner Commando Look at MMVA: Miley Cyrus Wannabe?

Move over Miley Cyrus, Kendall Jenner with her commando look at the MMVA looks like she may “wannabe” the next big risque thing on the Internet. Just a little FYI to Miley, sister Kylie Jenner is not too far behind her daring older sister in the “lets show off more skin” trend. At the MuchMusic Video Awards for 2014, the two Instagram-loving girls changed no less than four times for the event.

The Internet has been flooded with stories, and pictures, of the barely legal 18 year-old reality television personality and model with her hip-bone showing outfit at the red carpet show. Kendall, easily the most beautiful of the Jenner clan, is no stranger to showing off a bit of skin, or tantalizing glimpses of her lady bits. Side boob shots and tops that barely cover anything have been the order of the day for quite a while.

“Cheerleader” mom Kris loved the revealing look of both her kids. To prove it, she uploaded the snaps of her two girls to Instagram, of course, and sang their praises. Using the hashtag #MMVA she opined that her offspring looked “stunning.” She left out that they also looked to be on course to overshadow their older half-sister Kim Kardashian.

Certainly Kendall has managed to garner her own publicity, and a certain amount of celebrity status, based just upon her looks alone. The younger “Kardashian” has not needed to rely on “leaked” video tape footage to give her a leg up in the personality game. Just being part of the Kim Kardashian reality TV train accomplished that.

Now, however, it is beginning to seem like Kendall Jenner is a Miley Cyrus wannabe. Especially with that commando look she was sporting at the MMVA event in Toronto, Canada on Sunday. So far, the model, along with her sister Kylie, who is still a bit young to be sporting too much in the risque department, have been eating up space in the world of celebrity media.

Kendall Jenner Commando Look at MMVA: Miley Cyrus Wannabe?
Commando Jenner…

Just recently, both Jenner girls were involved in a three way (four way?) love tussle between Selena Gomez and her beau Justin Bieber. Their involvement caused major eruptions in the Bieber/Gomez camp and caused the former Barney actress and singer to eradicate her “following” list on Instagram. While Selena went into some sort of meltdown over her boo’s wanting a taste of Jenner, the two girls went their merry way, completely unfazed by all the negative vibes from Gomez.

In terms of flesh flashing, however, Kylie is moving up quickly in the stakes of revealing little glimpses of her blooming lady bits. At the same award event on Sunday, a few wardrobe changes later, the younger Jenner sported a definite lack of bra with a top that would have shown clearly any “foundational support.”

The younger Jenner, who not too long ago had “puppy fat” issues, still has a couple of years to catch up to Kendall. At that time, both of these younger and prettier versions of Clan Kardashian, may have passed the Miley Cyrus wannabe stage and taken over shocking fans with the amount of skin that they show. Kendall going for the commando look at the MMVA may just be stage two of the take over.

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