Kim Kardashian Celebrates Baby North First Birthday

North West had her first birthday, and being Kim Kardashian’s baby, she could not have just a regular celebration. Kim wanted a big party for her little baby girl, and even called it “Kidchella.” It was a carnival themed party and it had everything from a ferris wheel to a karaoke area, and tons of fun for the party-goers.

North West’s birthday was celebrated on Saturday June 21 in Kourtney Kardashian’s big backyard, but her actual birthday was on June 15. Since it landed on Father’s day, Kim and Kanye postponed the big party, but still celebrated North’s day in an intimate way. Kim posted a picture of father and daughter asleep side by side on the bed, with a caption that explained that they had played together all day and were so exhausted that they fell asleep while watching a World Cup game. The couple waited a week before throwing North a big first birthday bash.

The party was themed after the California festival Coachella. Kim Kardashian made sure that kids and adults had a great time at baby North’s first birthday party celebration. Guests were entertained as if they were at a festival, with multiple booths to visit, music stages, tie-dye shirts, and face painting. There were picnic tables set up around the whole backyard, and guests were able to hang out in tepees. Aside from the ferris wheel and the bouncy house for kids, there was plenty of “festival food” to go around. They had churros, lemonade and snow-cone stands; plus a hair-braiding station and temporary tattoos.

Fans of the Kardashians had a sneak peek of the party; photos of the celebration were posted by family members and friends on Instagram. The day of the party seemed to be nearly perfect for an outside event, it was sunny and guests were close enough to the big pool in the backyard of Kourtney’s mansion. Instagram was the social platform of choice for this event, and was very successful. The Kardashian celeb got hundreds of thousands of likes on the pictures shared. Kris Jenner’s social account also got a lot of publicity as she shared many photos and a video of Kendall performing a very popular song by Rihanna, while having fun with friends and her sister Kylie in the background.

Guests at the party embraced the “Kidchella” themed party by dressing as if they were at an actual festival. Khloe Kardashian even wore a Native-American headdress which she shared in a photo on her Instagram profile. The image created some controversy, as some people found it somewhat disrespectful towards Native American culture. However, Khloe’s fans stood up for her to defend her in a heated conversation with those in opposition. Kim also posted a picture of a cute little toddler named Ryan wearing a t-shirt that had “Yeezus” written on the front, with a Native American skull drawing.

As a happy mother, Kim recently opened up about her parenting style and some strict rules she has with her baby girl. She stated that she is very playful with her daughter, but also strict when it comes to nap time and that little North is not allowed to sleep with her and Kanye; she must sleep in her own bed. The reality star also stated that she hopes to give baby North a brother or sister someday in the future. For now Kim Kardashian is happy to spend as much time as she can with baby North and celebrate every moment with her just like she did on her first birthday.

By Marcia Villavicencio

Us Weekly
NY Daily News
Mail Online

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