MIT Student Found Dead in India


Kaitlin Goldstein, an MIT student was found dead in India. The initial search for Goldstein started when she was reported as missing on June 14. Officials state that they found her body in a ravine below the area in which she went jogging last week.

Kaitlin Goldstein, 28, was originally from Providence, Rhode Island. She was a graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge and was entering her fourth year at the university. She was working on obtaining her doctorates degree in Architecture and was part of MIT’s well-known Building Technology Program.

Outside of her studious lifestyle, she was also known for being a very competitive runner and ran routinely throughout the week. When Goldstein decided to take a quick jog, classmates at the workshop looked for her as she did not return after her jog through a nearby mountain trail.

Goldstein was given the opportunity to attend a workshop at the Students’ Educational and Cultural Movement in Ladahk. This is in a rural area near the city of Leh, India. Goldstein has never visited the country prior to this year. The workshop’s intentions were to send MIT students to northern India to assist the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology in Abu Dhabi. The two institutes are affiliated with each other. There, they would help the institute install various solar panels to the roof of a nearby Buddhist monastery. The intendedly beneficial trip to India took a turn when the MIT student went missing and was eventually found dead.

There were plenty of people involved with the various search crews to find the missing MIT student. Local police officers from Jammu and Kashmir started out the search, but eventually the Intelligence Bureau of India joined the team. The search grew as representatives from American Embassy in New Delhi, officials from the Bureau Of Consular Affairs of the U.S. State Department and the FBI agents joined forces in India in search of Goldstein. MIT even hired a private security firm in Mumbai to assist the already promising search crew.

Her parents immediately traveled to India to join search crews when they were informed that their daughter Kaitlin went missing on June 14. Search crews put the search to an end when it was recently confirmed that the MIT student was found dead in a ravine on her trip to India. Her parents have reported that she slipped on a loose rock when Goldstein decided to go out for a jog. Slipping on the rock caused her to fall to her death.

Kaitlin Goldstein was a graduate student attending her fourth year at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge. She was motivated to obtain a doctorates degree in Architecture. She previously obtained her undergraduate degree in Engineering in 2008 when she was a student at Brown University, another prestigious Ivy League. In 2009, Goldstein also was awarded her masters degree in Architectural Engineering from the University of Texas.

Kaitlin Goldstein, who was student at MIT, found dead in India traveled to India as part of a workshop that was offered at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to install solar panels at a nearby monastery. The students at the same workshop also worked with search crews when Goldstein went missing on June 14. During a routine jog, she slipped and instantly died when she edged off of a cliff. The search was put to an end when Goldstein’s body was found in a ravine.

By Tricia Manalansan

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