Kim Kardashian Showing Off Her Assets Again


Kim Kardashian is known for flaunting her assets, and loves to show off her figure. Even after becoming a mom, she still shows the public she is as sexy as she was before baby North. Many pictures of the reality star have brought the attention of fans and paparazzi. She is always sure to give them a little peek of her famous curves.

On Monday, Kim appeared on the streets of New York in a very glamorous look. She had her hair styled and her makeup done, which might have looked a little bit over the top, but sources claim that she had just finished doing photoshoot. That, however, is not why Kim created so much buzz. It was her outfit of choice that had many heads turning. The Kardashian celeb wore an all-black outfit with a blazer, but the top underneath revealed a very low plunging neckline without a bra, which showed her very full bust.

According to E Online, Kim Kardashian was meeting her sister Kourtney at Serafina restaurant late in the afternoon. Customers at the restaurant where enjoying a World Cup game, but their attention shifted when Kim walked in wearing her very sexy outfit. The sisters requested a table upstairs to move away from the eyes of many customers and cameras. This was not the first time this year that Kim has been showing off her assets. At Kanye’s concert in Tennessee, Mrs. West wore a sheer top paired with a nude bra underneath. Kim even took a picture with her revealing outfit with the caption, “Oh hey 100,000 people!” as she stood in front of the crowd.

The reality star also revealed a little more than just cleavage at one of her recent honeymoon spots with her hubby. While soaking up some sun in Mexico, Kim took a plunge in the pool with a white cropped-top and black high-waist bottoms. When she was out of the pool, her white wet top became see-through, revealing everything that was underneath. The recent mom did not seem to care about this as she settled back on her chair to lounge and take a sip of her tropical drink. The celeb also snapped some photos of herself for her fans on Instagram, wearing a little white bikini and showing off her flat stomach. She also gave her fans a little sneak peek of the beautiful place they were visiting, by showing the ocean in the distance.

The now 33-year-old Kim Kardashian is no stranger when it comes to showing off her assets, and she is definitely proud of her post-baby body. Her first photo revealing her curvaceous body was posted on Instagram in October–four months after giving birth. She sported a white one-piece bathing suit, and her selfie revealed her famous backside and a side of her breast. It seems as though she wanted to let her fans know that she was still a sexy mama, despite giving birth a few months prior. In December, the beautiful brunette was spotted by cameras wearing a tiny white bikini that showed off her toned body and curves. Once again in March,Kim took a selfie wearing a two-piece bikini and posted it to her Instagram account. She said in her post she had borrowed her little sister Kylie’s bikini which showed part of her full breasts and gave a little peek to her much-talked-about bum.

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