Kim Kardashian to Launch New Video Game


Just when the world thinks she has done it all, Kim Kardashian goes animated. That is correct, Kim Kardashian is taking her talents to the digital world by preparing the launch of her new video game, which is scheduled to be released on the market next week. The 33-year-old’s video game is designed to be downloaded on to smartphones from the app store and Google Play. Fans are excited for this new game while critics are annoyed with this announcement.

Kim Kardashian’s new game, titled “Kim Kardashian Hollywood” was advertised on her personal Instagram with a brief clip showcasing what this app will be like. There were mixed comments from followers ranging from thrilled to pure disgust. The hour-long game begins with the player meeting up with reality star. After that the player will join Kardashian for a celebrity style adventure during which the player will attend the hottest clubs in Hollywood, flirt with some cute guys and undoubtedly find love right away. That love interest will then give the player’s character endless gifts, flowers and cash, because that is, of course, what real life is like. After finding love, the player will have tons of photo shoots to make it big in Hollywood with clothing options ranging from all types of styles. The goal is to try to “make the A-list” according to a pop-up by Kim’s character in the game.

Her new game is basically a chance for average people to live the life of a celebrity and be just like a Kardashian . The game will offer a few voice-overs done by the starlet herself, and of course accompanied by some typical video game noise effects. Critics are asking when will it be enough? The Kardashians will not stop putting their famous name on all types of products. It was assumed that having a clothing line, perfume, weight supplements and tanning accessories would be sufficient. However, others say why not? If there are people out there willing to buy this game, she might as well take advantage of that career move. Kim Kardashian has made a smart, albeit annoying to some, decision by preparing to launch her new video game and break out into the digital world.

The app’s “Kim” character will provide the player with style tips to help make it big in Hollywood. The game’s description on YouTube, “create your own aspiring celebrity and rise to fame and fortune,” gives details for the main purpose of the game. The character will go from rags to riches with the help of digital Kim in a mere hour. The game will be a fun pastime for some and a big laugh for others.

The game will take the player through a series of hardships that anyone who dreams of making it big in Hollywood seemingly has to go through. The player will have to negotiate her way through gossip stories being written about her and signing record deals. Perhaps it is good the player does not have to do everything the Kardashian did to make it famous in real life. Regardless of what critics say, Kim Kardashian knows what she is doing with her latest career move by announcing the launch of this new video game.

Opinion By Amena S. Chaudhri

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