Heroes Reborn Reveals First Casting

Heroes RebornNot only has the news that NBC green-lit the new Heroes Reborn series for premiere in 2015, but also the show has revealed its first casting with Jack Coleman reprising his role as Noah Bennet, aka HRG. Fans all over the nation can rejoice that the show is making a triumphant return with a thirteen-episode arc. Focusing on the lives of some new heroes, the series is not a continuation from the series finale cliffhanger of the 2006 series but set in the same universe. Although not much is yet known about the upcoming series, news that creator Tim Kring is looking to revive the original premise is exciting enough.

The premiere of the 2006 superhero drama series set records for NBC. With over 16 million viewers, the first season was an instant hit. The premise of the original show featured casting that portrayed the lives of everyday people from all walks of life, who later discovered extraordinary abilities within themselves after the appearance of a solar eclipse. There was a flying senator, a manipulative wealthy mother that could see the future, a Japanese comic book geek that could teleport and time travel, a high school cheerleader with self-healing abilities, a schizophrenic mother with super strength, and many more whose lives later became intertwined as the story progressed and the world was threatened. One of the fan-favorite and most iconic characters of Heroes was the mysterious Horn-Rimmed glasses figure, later discovered to be Noah Bennet, played by Jack Coleman.

First introduced as just a minor character in the first season casting, Jack Coleman’s character quickly became a series regular. Played as an ambiguous agent of the Primatech Company, Bennet’s actions were dictated by how far he would go to protect his adopted daughter Claire Bennet from the clutches of the company or any other threat to his family.

His past was a mystery to other characters, as well as, viewers and his morally questionable decisions made him one of the more dynamic and complex characters to watch. As the series wrapped, Bennet gone from a CIA-esque agent to a rogue soldier in the fight to protect his daughter’s secret and the lives of many other characters with abilities. Unfortunately, his plans were in vain when Claire decided to show the world her regenerative powers on live television. Where Heroes ended, Heroes Reborn will pick-up the story with a brand new casting of people with abilities in a new world that may or may not believe that they exist. Although the full cast has yet to be revealed, the addition of Jack Coleman to Heroes Reborn may center on Bennet helping new characters with their abilities.

The details of Heroes Reborn are still shrouded in mystery, but the reveal of the first casting is a good sign that past members may return. For the show that helped launch the careers of Hayden Panettiere, who played the cheerleader Claire Bennet; Masi Oka who delivered a  great performance of Hiro Nakamura; Zachary Quinto as the villainous/anti-hero Sylar; Milo Ventimiglia as the protagonist and multi-talented Peter Petrelli; Ali Larter portrayed the schizophrenic Niki Saunders/Tracy Strauss, and many more may make a small cameo appearance in the upcoming miniseries as the cast is later revealed. Confirmed by NBC chairman Bob Greenblatt that some of the familiar faces and alums are bound to drop in and make an appearance to add to the new casting.

By Tyler Cole

Entertainment Weekly

2 Responses to "Heroes Reborn Reveals First Casting"

  1. Tyler Cole   June 20, 2014 at 5:24 pm

    Well, it was mostly because of the writers’ strike and the change in plot for the show. Personally, I think the premise of the first season (new heroes from all over the world) should have applied for every 13 episode arc with new characters and powers being introduced every season.

  2. flyingtigercomics   June 20, 2014 at 4:43 pm

    Keep whichever writers and producers who wrecked the original premise and ruined the show far, far away and let’s see if the network can keep it going longer than one and a half good seasons this time.

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