Las Vegas Ambush Leaves Two Police Officers and Third Person Dead

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Las Vegas Ambush Leaves Two Police Officers and Third Person Dead

Two Las Vegas police officers were allegedly shot dead at a pizza restaurant across the street from a Walmart outlet where a third person was also shot dead in an ambush that left three victim’s fatally injured at around 11:30 in the morning. Investigators at the crime scene said that witnesses to the incident claim that one of the shooters shouted out that “this is a revolution,” or “this is the beginning of the revolution” before opening fire at the two officers at point blank range.

After shooting the two Las Vegas lawmen, the assailants stripped their two victims of arms and ammunition. They spoke to a witness telling them that they had killed two cops and then went to a nearby Walmart where they shot another person before entering the store and shooting themselves.

It has been surmised by law enforcement officials that the victim shot outside the Walmart store may have been carrying a concealed weapon and after pulling the gun exchanged gunfire briefly with the two shooters. Details of the incident that took place earlier on June 8 have been contradictory and confused.

Some reports state that the two officers were killed while others say that they were taken to the hospital to be treated but no details of their condition have been officially released. Police have said that the two lawmen were rushed to University Medical Center and sources have spoken to local FOX5 news to say that the two are, in fact, dead.

The 11:30 am point blank ambush shooting of two Las Vegas lawmen, which left another person dead apart from the police officers, prompted local law enforcement officials to call in a SWAT team. After the assailants went to the Walmart and shot another victim, they moved toward the back of the store where they killed one another in an apparent “suicide pact.” Although this fact is also called in to question as it seems the two suspects may have exchanged gunfire with the police after entering the store.

Assistant Sheriff Kevin McMahill relayed the basic information to local news agencies and finished by saying that the two suspects were found at the back of the store dead. McMahill also stated that it was not clear at this time whether the two had exchanged gunfire with local police which could have resulted in their deaths.

One Walmart shopper, a grandmother who was on the makeup aisle with her teen granddaughters, reported that when shots rang out inside the store, she crouched down on the floor and waited for the gunfire to finish. Once the shooting had stopped and the small group could not hear the gunmen any longer they snuck out of the store.

In the aftermath of the ambush shooting which left two police officers and a third non-related victim dead, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department have urged residents to avoid the area where the fatal shooting took place. The police have stressed that they are still investigating the incident. In a moment of further confusion Las Vegas police spokesperson Larry Hadfield spoke to The Associated Press and stated that the two downed officers’ condition was not known at this time.

By Michael Smith