Las Vegas Couple Held Anti-Government Ideas

Las Vegas

A married couple responsible for the gunning down of two Las Vegas law enforcement officers in an ambush this weekend at a pizza parlor acted alone. After the murder of the two police officers, the couple also killed an innocent bystander and then committed a murder suicide on one another at a nearby Wal-Mart.  Reports now say that the two harbored some anti-government ideas.

The suspects were identified as 22 year old Amanda Miller and her 31 year old husband, Jerad. The two had shown support in social media for Cliven Bundy, the renegade rancher who also resided in Nevada.   Jerad actually claimed to be present at Bundy’s ranch in April when a standoff between militia members and federal agents occurred.

Kevin McMahill, Assistant Clark County Sheriff, told reporters with the Chicago Tribune that Jerad Miller had recently posted on Facebook that he had actually been thrown off of the Bundy ranch due to his criminal background and history.  So far, law enforcement has not yet been able to prove whether Jerad had actually been at Cliven Bundy’s ranch. The law enforcement officer also added that a further investigation was being made into the couple’s relationships with right-wing extremist groups.

The day before the Las Vegas shooting, Jerad posted a rather prophetic message. The status message on Facebook stated that a new day was dawning and that hopefully, all upcoming sacrifices will be worthwhile.

Amanda Miller’s page on Facebook contains photographs of cats as well as one of the couple dressed as villains from popular comic books. The page did not indicate the time or place in which the pictures were taken.  Amanda’s page indicates that the Millers moved to Las Vegas from Indiana at the beginning of the year.  There were two videos posted of them driving that documented this relocation. One of those videos showed the road they were travelling and the other showed Amanda driving.  Interestingly enough, Amanda’s profile also showed photographs of a protest that occurred in 2013 in Indiana.

The protest known as the “Million Mask March” was said to be against rich individuals who led corporations and owned banks.  The organizers of the protest said that these individuals corrupted politicians and were guilty of other injustices.

Police said they have found a document they believed to be a type of “manifesto” amidst the Miller’s personal property.  A June 5th post said that people were waking up to the wrongs of their government. Most of the status messages appeared to be speaking out in favor of the Second Amendment of the Constitution and several complaints against the current status of the federal government.

A status message posted on the second of June claimed that all must hope for peace but prepare for war.  The enemy, Jared said, is well prepared financially but misguided in the belief that they stand on the side of justice and freedom.  He challenged people not to be afraid to speak what he called “truth” and be aware that the enemy they were faced with was actually their own family.  He claimed the only way to correct the problem was with bloodshed. In spite of his frequent referring to the enemy in his posts, he never completely acknowledged who that was. It has also been reported that swastikas were found in the residence.

A neighbor of the Millers, Krista Koch, told police that the couple had recently informed her that they were going to carry out an attack. However, she dismissed the ideas believing the couple was simply delusional.

Other neighbors at the same apartment complex where the couple resided said that the two were known for their views against the government and for being racist.  Neighbors told The Las Vegas Sun that the Millers spent a great deal of time bragging about their collection of guns and how they had recently spent time at a standoff between government agents and armed militia at the ranch belonging to Cliven Bundy.

McMahill did tell the press that he had heard reports that had never been confirmed that said that the couple had spoken to a neighbor about the attack before it was actually executed. He urged the public to always call police when things do not seem right or when people are exhibiting unusual behavior. He said that law enforcement needs to hear about times when groups or individuals are talking about executing acts of violence against civilians or law enforcement. McMahill said that citizens are invaluable allies when it comes to fighting and preventing crime.

According to Tippecanoe County court records, the couple were joined in marriage in the fall of 2012 in Indiana.  Jerad Miller was charged with a felony level possession of marijuana charge in 2010.  Jerad had his own YouTube channel which is mostly made up of videos of  his cats and of him tearfully pleading for his wife to come and see him when he is incarcerated.

Anti-Defamation League director of investigative research Mark Pitcavage says it would appear that both Jerad and Amanda were right wing extremists who were dead set against the government and believed in most of the common conspiracy theories.  The League is responsible for monitoring the activities of several hate groups in the United States. McMahill said that investigations reveal the possibility that the couple harbored theories that put American law enforcement and government on the same level with the Nazi party.

New details have also emerged concerning the killing of the two patrol officers, Igor Soldo, 31, and Alyn Beck, 41.  The two were killed during their lunch break at a local pizza parlor.  After killing Beck, the couple placed on top of his body a replica of the Gadsden flag.  The flag is a yellow colored Revolutionary War flag that features a snake and the words “Don’t Tread on Me.”  In addition, the suspects also put the symbol of a swastika on top of Beck’s corpse. They also pinned a note on Soldo proclaiming this deed as the beginning of the revolution.  A similar phrase was shouted out by the couple to local bystanders at the pizza restaurant.

After grabbing the policeman’s weapons, the couple then went to the local Wal-Mart.  Upon entering  the store, the couple began shouting about the beginning of a revolution.  Thirty one year old Joseph Wilcox, who was carrying a concealed weapon, tried to confront the couple and was gunned down by Amanda Miller. Further gunfire was exchanged with law enforcement as the couple made their way to the rear of the store. It was there that Amanda Miller shot her husband to death before killing herself.

By Rick Hope


Washington Post

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