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Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo Refutes Fraud Claims


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As a storm of controversy rages around her, Long Island Medium Teresa Caputo has begun to refute the claims of fraud recently made about her. On a post to her Facebook page, Caputo made clear that she wouldn’t let the negativity affect her.

Yesterday, the Guardian Liberty Voice reported on an investigation being done into Caputo’s claims of being a psychic. The report focused on Caputo’s skills as a cold reader, as well as her habit of investigating people in her audience prior to her live shows. The private investigator involved in the case, Ron Tebo also claims that producers on Caputo’s show, called Long Island Medium, pre-interview the people she encounters on the street.

After the report came out yesterday, Caputo posted a picture of a flower with an inspirational quote on her Facebook page. The quote reads, “Negative people need drama like it was oxygen. Stay positive… and take their breath away.” Her caption for the photo is similar to this, saying that she doesn’t let negative people and things affect her, and neither should her audience. Caputo’s Facebook page also has a remembrance of D-Day, and those who sacrificed themselves for America. She did not comment on whether those sacrifices have spoken to her.

While Caputo hopes that these quotes will refute the claims against her, the fact is that evidence against her abilities continues to pile up. Tebo’s YouTube page has videos of Caputo on shows like Anderson Cooper. The Cooper video is telling, because Caputo continually gets things wrong. In the video, Caputo continually asks a man for confirmation about whether or not what she is saying about his wife is true. Caputo says the man is wearing his wife’s wedding ring, when it is in fact his mother’s. She then asks about his wife’s leg problems, of which she had none. Caputo continues to flail around the room, finally blaming the audience for not admitting to fitting the information she was giving. After the show, Anderson Cooper posted his own video, saying that he was not convinced by the Long Island Medium, and would like to see more proof.

Anderson is not the only person looking for more proof. In Tebo’s report, he documents the reaction that a grief stricken woman had after one of Theresa Caputo’s live shows. The woman was horrified at Caputo’s practices, sticking only to the first few rows, and being unable to move past the first few rows. Or it could be that she is unwilling. The website, “Long Island Medium Fake” details how Caputo will blame her inability to move around the auditoriums she performs in because she wore the wrong shoes, which are clunky heels. The website claims that in fact, she wears those shoes at every appearance, as a way to keep from moving beyond those she has already pre-screened.

By attempting to refute the fraud claims against her, Theresa Caputo is moving against the mountain of evidence piling up against her. Her show has had six seasons and other claims of fraud have been leveled against her in the past.

By Bryan Levy

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