Luis Suarez: A Blessing or a Curse?


Luis Alberto Suarez Diaz, the 27-year-old Uruguayan forward who plays for Liverpool FC is one football player who never ceases to make waves in the news every now and then. While some people will detest him for the uncouth behavior he displays in his gameplay, the Uruguayan national is arguably a fantastic player as well and has quite a great football career on paper. Suarez has been very instrumental in Liverpool since joining the Club in 2011 and extremely phenomenal at the national level as well. Looking at such a great talent who also exhibits such woeful behaviors on the pitch, has he been a blessing or a curse, or perhaps both?

Luis Suarez has consistently shown quite an obstinate behavior all along in his career. He has started brawls in changing rooms, given fans the middle finger salute, stomped on multiple players, and has been repeatedly accused of racially abusing players. What has earned him some ire recently has been when he appeared to bite or headbutt Giorgio Chiellini in a recent World Cup match. Afterwards the player shows off a mark on his shoulder to depict that indeed he had been bitten by Suarez. It was not the first instance of Suarez getting in trouble with his teeth. In 2010, he bit a PSV Eindhoven player and in 2013 he bit Branislav Ivanovic. What a player Luis Suarez is. Will that make him a curse despite his talent?

On the other hand, Luis Suarez has been an awesome player and has managed to make some fantastic achievements for himself. Suarez has been Liverpool FC’s top goal scorer since the 2011 season to date and he won the Player of the Year for Liverpool FC for the 2012 and 2013 seasons. Interestingly, he chalked similar achievements in Ajax, netting 81 goals in 110 appearances. Suarez also won the Premier League Golden Boot in the 2013 season as well as the Barclays Player of the Season. In the 2009season, he won the Dutch Footballer of the Year award. Then, in 2011, he was the Copa America Player of the Tournament. On the international scene, he has aided his side to two World Cup appearances and his goals have always been undoubtedly instrumental. In 2011, he aided La Celeste to win the Copa America. One could go on and on. Luis Suarez is such a great player to watch on the field of play with his ability to create goal-scoring chances, go through defenders and aerial ability as well. There was even a time he was made the captain of  Ajax in 2011. His coach Oscar Tabárez describes him, “a great forward, an elite player among forwards in the world.” Suarez has got such great accomplishments as a footballer and that surely has been a blessing to him as an individual, his clubs and his nation.

Surely, despite the many negative records he has, Luis Suarez has also equally been a great footballer by all standards. Therefore it is quite challenging to outrightly say that he is a blessing or a curse. However, if Luis Suarez can stop or even minimize the bad behaviors, he will soar even higher because he is greatly talented. That is, if his latest episode of misconduct does not earn a sanction to end his career

Commentary by Bright Enu


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