Chris Brown May Be Heading Back to Jail


The scrutiny and cases do not seem to end for Virginia-born singer Chris Brown. In today’s news, the controversial singer made an appearance in Washington DC’s Supreme Court for a hearing to his assault arrest in October. The arrest landed Brown in prison and a misdemeanor charge. According to AP, the prosecutors were willing to let Brown go without a full trial or jail time if he and his lawyers accepted the offered plea deal. After looking over the deal, Brown and his team decided to opt-out of further negotiations and refused to comment on what happened that unfortunate night between Brown and the victim. With this failure to come to a resolution, Brown may be heading back to jail time in the foreseeable future.

All stemming from the arrest one night in October, Brown’s charges awarded him a weekend in jail and further issues from the media. Not all is known on what happened that night but the victim, Parker Adams, claims that Brown punched him when he tried to photo-bomb a picture Brown was taking with two female fans outside the W hotel. After a brief exchange of words, the situation quickly became heated and leaded to the victim getting punched in the face. Brown was later arrested and charged with assault.

Though avoiding long-term jail time for the assault charges, Brown still landed in prison for violating probation. Chris Brown was still on probation from his highly-publicized case of domestic violence with then-girlfriend and Bajan-singer Rihanna. Following the 2011 case, Brown could not stay out of trouble. Although not charged with anything prior to the Washington DC incident, the Grammy-award singer allegedly threw a water jug and broke one of the dressing room windows at the Good Morning America┬áset, got into an altercation with fellow singer Frank Ocean, got kicked out of anger management rehab for misconduct, threw a rock through his mother’s car window, and served 108 days in jail following his probation violation.

Although recently released earlier in June for his stint in jail, Brown may be heading back to jail to see the cell walls and bars again. The rejection of the plea deal by Brown and lawyer Mark Geragos felt that the deal offered by prosecutor Kevin Chambers was like reading from a script. The singer’s attorney also failed to disclose any information regarding what led up to the altercation. Feeling that the script was untrue and unfair, Brown’s defense is ready to move forward with the trial to clear up what happened that now infamous night. The trial is set for September 8 and is expected to last a day and a half.

As Brown appeared for the hearing on Wednesday morning, fans quickly mobbed and took pictures with the newly free singer. Fans will continue to show support and praise for Chris Brown, even though he may be heading for a longer jail sentence if found guilty of all charges. Along with Brown, his bodyguard, Christopher Hollosy, is on trial for taking part in the reported fight. Hollosy is accused of being the second person to strike Adams after Brown. Hollosy’s attorneys claim that he needs a continuance in the trial and is expected to take full blame for the incident. Peter Grimm, Hollosy’s attorney, also claims that Hollosy was the sole aggressor in the incident and that he struck Adams, not Brown. Though the spin seems possible, no one is really sure what took place that night except for those involved and with the history of assault cases that have followed the singer, it may not be an easy win.

By Tyler Cole

ABC News

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