Megan Fox Famous for Being Snubbed by Men

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Megan Fox, best known from her role as the love interest of Sam Witwicky in the production of Hasbro’s Transformers (2007), is famous for being snubbed by men, among other things. After the starlet’s performance on Transformers, the media–and men’s magazines in particular–flooded the internet and newsstands with Fox’s visage. Without a very notable body of work, Fox found herself on the cover of Cosmo, Elle, Esquire, GQ, Maxim and Rolling Stone, to name just a few.

Following this saturation of the media with Fox–who, at the time had only appeared in Transformers, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Holiday in the Sun, the series Hope & Faith, and a handful of other cameos since she made her acting debut in 2001–was banned for a day. AOL men’s blog Asylum wrote that it was time to put the Megan Fox media blitz on hold. was reported to have said that the magazine loved Megan, and that she was responsible for heavy traffic to the site, but that it was “time to give another young actress a shot at the attention.”

In this way, August 4, 2009 became “A Day Without Megan Fox.” The blog encouraged other media outlets to likewise abstain from all things Fox-y, and AskMen, Just a Guy Thing, Banned in Hollywood and others complied. Still other magazines took issue with the boycott, denouncing it as a publicity stunt. Coed Magazine announced that Coed was the new home of the “Megan Fox Boycott Boycott,” with other sites and outlets decrying the blackout in bad taste as well. Being famously snubbed by the male species did not last long for Fox, but if it bothered her at all, she did not show it.

The joke was eventually on Asylum, which closed its doors in 2011 along with sister site Lemondrop. Of the ban, Megan Fox stated that she did not want the public to become saturated with her before she had ever done any real, “legitmate” work. Of her immersion in the spotlight following Transformers, Fox explained that her prevalence in the media was more than likely thanks to the studio of her employer, hoping to hype up Transformers‘ release with persistent updates about the starring actors.

Megan Fox has made a number of self-effacing statements to the media. In 2009, Fox commented on the constant and rather unimaginative comparison of the starlet to veteran actress Angelina Jolie in media. This after a number of reports suggesting that Fox was to replace Jolie in a follow-up to the blockbuster Tombraider, a notion about which Jolie quipped to Life & Style magazine, Megan Fox who? “I’m not familiar with her work,” Jolie is quoted as having said. “Is she an Oscar contender?” Of being likened to the sultry, dark-haired actress, Fox has said that she would be embarrassed to meet Jolie in person, with the media notion circling that Megan Fox was slated to somehow “become” her tenured colleague.” (As in, “Is Megan Fox the New Angelina Jolie?) “I’m not,” Fox told US Weekly, “the next anyone.”

Being shunned by men (however singular the incident) did not just end with magazines and bloggers for Megan Fox. Early in her career, the young actress made some tongue-in-cheek commentary about working under Michael Bay in the Transformers series. In an interview with British magazine Wonderland, she compared the producer to Hitler, saying that Bay was a nightmare to work under. In retaliation, Bay confided in a GQ magazine interview, saying said that between Fox’s hateful remarks and her lack of professionalism on set, Steven Spielberg made the call to relieve the starlet of her contract to complete the Transformers series.
While Fox was notably absent from the third series installment, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Megan Fox and Michael Bay are reportedly back on good terms. The two are working together to produce another classic and iconic adaptation, this time of the celebrated comic book series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Fox will reportedly star as investigative reporter April O’Neil in the upcoming revamp, which is due out the week following the release of 50 Shades of Grey. Fox reports that she’s anxious to impress her son with her performance, once he’s old enough to watch the violent, live-action martial-arts-and-mutant-turtles action film.

Famous entertainer Megan Fox is not being snubbed much nowadays, by men or any other animal, mineral or vegetable, for that matter. The actress is excited to be working with Bay on the TMNT redo. Fox also revealed in an interview with MTV that she once had a childhood crush on the mellow, fun-loving, amphibious ninja Michelangelo. Moviegoers will have to judge for themselves whether sparks are flying for Megan Fox as April O’Neil and her male co-star, “the orange turtle,” at the movie’s premiere, August 8.

By Mariah Beckman

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