Mick Jagger Seen Posing With Ballerina Melanie Hamrick


Mick Jagger is staying in the public lately as photos can be seen in almost every tabloid posing with a 27-year-old ballerina named Melanie Hamrick, who lives just three miles away from his residence. Sources say the young woman in the photos with Jagger is a new girlfriend.

Since the death of long-time girlfriend, and designer L’Wren Scott, Jagger has been spending most of the time with Rolling Stones band members. Jagger just “took a few souvenir pictures,” said band members. But it is obvious that the two have been quite cozy.

Resources claim that it was a coincidence when the two met up at a concert in Tokyo, Japan, where Jagger was playing with his band. The young ballerina was watching the concert with a group of dancers from the American Ballet company. It is confirmed that after the concert Hamrick, and some other dancers, appeared backstage and personally met rocker Jagger.

Conversations between Jagger and Hamrick became personal only because Hamrick was a neighbor, who knew of the recent suicide of Scott. The couple met more recently in New York and insiders believe that was when the couple arranged to travel together to Zurich, Switzerland for another Jagger and the Rolling Stones concert.

Jagger is widely known as a legendary musician who has been around for nearly 50 years. Rock and roll music plays a central part as well as meeting beautiful women from all walks of life. Previously Jagger had been settled down with one woman for many years. Jagger loved L’Wren Scott dearly. Jagger told close friends, ” I held a lot of respect for Scott.” Though never married they “spent many wonderful years together.”

The recent photos of Jagger and Hamrick has come as a shock to the family members of deceased Scott. Sister Jan Shane of Sandy, Utah says, “It had not been three months since our sister’s death, and we received news of Mick’s appearance in photos with a new woman.” There has also been a lot of suspicion and disbelief about the showing up of the photos, as well as, the secret rendezvous in Switzerland earlier this month.

For now concerns remain persistent about whether the superstar is in a new relationship with the young ballerina. If it does turn out that they are in a relationship, then the bond they formed occurred shortly after Jagger’s long time live in girlfriend committed suicide.

Offsetting the fact that Jagger just went through a very disturbing ordeal involving suicide, the 70 year old is much older than Hamrick. Jagger is also very actively playing the front man in concerts around the world. Close friends of the rock star believes the photos were leaked out and are partly a publicity stunt to boost the new career of Hamrick, who frequently travels around the globe on an American dance contract with a New York Ballet company. “It just doesn’t make much sense,” said a close friend, “he was only being friendly with Melanie.”

Cynics also say that Jagger may be avoiding the issue of the death of live in girlfriend Scott and is putting most of his time back into his guitar. Rolling Stones spokesperson said, “Mick Jagger is not replacing the companionship of recently demised lover by spending time with the ballerina.”

For two months Jagger had been mourning the fact that Scott had committed suicide. Jagger is still very disappointed that the incident occurred in the home they shared for 15 years. “Much too much to bear, the whole news of the death came as a shock to all of our close friends and family members.” Mick Jagger’s family members were worried that Jagger may be holding feelings of guilt over the tragic incident.

Some sources said Jagger took a picture with dancer Hamrick after they met up in Zürich and realized they both were neighbors. From playing in local concerts with the band to meeting and dating a few of the millions of fans, it is just a part of the music business. Jagger’s second ex-wife, Jerry Hall believes the relationship with the young ballerina is strictly platonic. Yet it can come up in the future that this whole friendship thing with Hamrick could turn into something more serious.

Opinion by Kimakra Nealy

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  3. Margo   June 23, 2014 at 3:47 pm

    Did Sir Mick meet the girl before or after the death of L’Wren? If after, it’s understandable he would seek companionship. If before, it doesn’t look good for Mick or the girl (who probably has an agenda).. What could have been so devastating as to push Ms Scott over the brink? Lots of “food for thought” here..

  4. Pamela   June 23, 2014 at 12:52 pm

    What a weak “article”. There are too many inaccuracies to list, but to start, he did not kill herself at the home they share for 15 years –it wasn’t even built then. As for the
    grammatical errors, I agree with Anne Maloney. You would greatly benefit from using an editor. If you did, I would offer the same advice to them.

  5. MD   June 23, 2014 at 8:09 am

    3 months after Ms. Scott’s suicide… met the chick right before her suicide… With Ms. Scott for like 14 years or something obscenely long-term… Fail Jagger. I hate how Ms. Scott had all of these people in her life, yet no one knows why she had off days, or why she ended it all. Perhaps instead of getting his d*&k wet, he could spend some time pondering how to be a more attentive person to the world around him. And then do something with himself.

  6. Anne Maloney   June 21, 2014 at 9:53 am

    The author has an odd turn of phrase. Jagger was “disappointed” that the girlfriend killed herself at their home? I see some comma errors and wrong words for the context. Where’s the editor for this piece?


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