Mick Jagger Spotted With Young Mystery Brunette


Seventy-year-old legendary Rolling Stones frontman, Sir Mick Jagger, was spotted and photographed, with a young mystery brunette, on the balcony of a hotel in Zurich, Switzerland. This occurred only 11 weeks after the death of his longtime love, L’Wren Scott.

Scott, a celebrated fashion designer and former model, committed suicide on March 17, amid reports of being millions of dollars in debt.  It was also rumored that 49-year-old Scott was despondent over a recent split from the aging rocker, but other sources close to Jagger’s camp noted that rumors of a split were untrue. The two had been dating for 13 years.

Scott reportedly committed suicide in her Manhattan apartment, in a manner that authorities have deemed painless.  According to sources, Scott fashioned a scarf into a noose on an L-shaped door handle, which allowed the 6′ 3″ designer’s body weight to impede the flow of oxygen to her brain.  She was found dead at the scene.

Scott’s assistant Brittany Penebre reportedly received a text from Scott asking her to come by the apartment.  Penebre received the text at 8:30 am. Scott asked her to come over at 10 am. After Penebre arrived at the apartment and found Scott’s body, she called 911. When authorities arrived, they did not find any sign of foul play, a suicide note or any drugs.

L’Wren Scott’s sister, Jan Shane, is reportedly livid over Jagger’s decision to move on so quickly after Scott’s death, suggesting that Jagger’s behavior could have been why Scott was so depressed. Despite the fact that Jagger’s daughter has said he is still devastated and heartbroken over Scott’s death, Shane said she is left to wonder what Jagger must be thinking when she sees photos like the one circulating of him where he was spotted with the young mystery brunette. Shane went on to say that Jagger would never change.

A number of photographs were taken of Jagger on the balcony of the hotel’s penthouse suite, including one of the young mystery brunette lovingly cuddled up behind him as he sat in a chair. Jagger reportedly spent two days with young mystery woman.

Jagger’s friends have remarked that the mystery brunette is not the first woman he has spent time with since Scott’s death. His friends went on to say that, Jagger does not drink alcoholic beverages, and instead, he has been nursing his sorrows in the company of women. Sources say his public retreat to the balcony was calculated and intentional. In fact, they say this is how he chooses to deal with stress, and that he allowed himself to be seen on the balcony with the young woman to send the message that he is back in action with the ladies.

The Rolling Stones world tour was briefly put on hold following Scott’s death in March; however, the tour resumed in May. Jagger and the young mystery brunette were spotted and photographed during a balcony outing that took place during the band’s gig in Zurich. Sources say Jagger and the young woman met at a nightclub following the concert.

By Janet Walters Levite

NY Daily News
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NY Post

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