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Microsoft Surface

June 20 will mark the release of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, and it could finally be what everyone has been waiting for. Although the tablet was designed specifically to be useful for those in the workplace, Microsoft believes everyone should have a chance to own one of these brand new laptop/tablet hybrids. Booting a full version of Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 OS, 8 GB of RAM, 512 GB hard drive, and a fourth generation Intel i7 processor, this tablet is sure to pull on the heart-strings of every technocrat within 50 miles of a Microsoft Store.

Microsoft has created for itself, clearly, a one of a kind item on the current market. However, that does not mean the Surface Pro 3, upon its release, will be without competition as a tablet. Samsung’s Galaxy Note Pro is also on many lists as a must have for technocrats and laymen alike. Sporting nearly the same size screen, the Note being slightly larger, as well as the S-pen features, the note contains many potential uses in the business domain. However, that may not be enough to keep it on top as soon as the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is released. Running a full version of Windows 8.1 the Surface Pro 3 can also run the same exact software as any laptop, or desktop for that matter. That includes major programs from Adobe and Microsoft’s own Office 365, which is used in almost every office in some version or another. Combined with this is the fact that the Surface also comes with a pen of its own, and someone might have to slip on the boxing gloves and ring that bell.

Of course there is no telling exactly how the marketplace will react upon its release. There is a good chance  it could spawn a new way to do business. For an example with writers, having a keyboard is incredibly important as well as being able to be mobile, and use software that is familiar. The keyboard shown above will cost an extra $130 USD, when you pre-order through the Microsoft Store website. One other feature that is really worth mentioning is the built-in kickstand; so that wherever it is taken the Surface Pro 3 can be set up just like any laptop would be. In addition, Microsoft Surface comes with a 3.0 USB to which a USB hub, adding three more USB ports, and other devices, such as printers, can be connected. When Microsoft releases their Surface Pro 3 there will be a much larger selection of accessories to choose from.

It is important to remember, because of the nature of this final feature,  the buyer always gets what they pay for. Consumers can purchase a fully loaded 64GB model of the Galaxy Note Pro for around $850 USD, which is a pretty hefty price considering the specifications of the device. When weighed against the Surface Pro 3 however, it still seems like a hefty price. Now, because some technocrat may get offended, the following price will exclude any accessories for the Surface, as the Galaxy Note Pro does not come with any, except the pen which will be included.

When the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, the 64GB base model with a fourth generation i3 Intel processor, and 4GB of RAM is released, it will come to $799 USD. It should be mentioned that this base model, even though it is cheaper, only comes with 36GB of usable hard drive space because of the larger OS. There are a whole list of features that could not be listed here however,  they will be listed in the sources below. Be sure to go and check out the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 when it is released on June 20, and feel the future in your hands.

Opinion By Phillip Schmidt


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  1. Alan Milner   June 21, 2014 at 10:50 pm

    Hey, Phil, I just wanted to let you know that I have cited your article in my somewhat tongue in cheek paen to stupid hardware offerings

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