Miles Ahead: The New Miles Davis Biopic by Don Cheadle

Miles Ahead

Miles Ahead

Thanks to Don Cheadle, a new biopic movie about the jazz pioneer, Miles Davis, is in the works. The film will be titled Miles Ahead, and Cheadle will be starring as well as directing. He has been quoted, on several occasions, that he has been putting a great deal of his own time and funds into the project. He has been attempting to make the film since 2007, and has now turned to crowdsourcing to collect additional funds. Fans everywhere can go to to contribute to the film. Miles Ahead hopes to raise $325,000 by July 6th, 2014.

Crowdsourcing has become a popular method for raising funds for films that are having trouble receiving studio backing. Spike Lee and Zach Braff are especially known for successfully making great productions with donated profits. Like many projects, donors can receive a number of gifts depending on the size of their donation. The gifts for contributing to Miles Ahead include Miles Davis artwork, signed posters, and even access to special screenings when the film is complete.

Don Cheadle has had his heart set on Miles Ahead for many years now. It will be the Iron Man 3 (2013)actor’s break out as a director. Cheadle also plans on playing the jazz musician and cover the most important moments of his life, especially prior to his silent period. He has been practicing hard for the role, and even learned to play the trumpet. Ewan McGregor has signed on to play Dave Brill, and Zoe Saldana will be playing Davis’ wife, Francis Taylor. Don Cheadle has not had the easiest road so far when making Miles Davis’ Miles Ahead, considering new biopics on musicians are not easy to make. They usually include a lot of copy written music, and right laws complicate things. But considering the massive effect Miles Davis has had on American music, it is a wonder why no film on his life has been created yet.

Miles Dewey Davis is the most revered jazz trumpet player in the world. He is known to be the first musician to combine jazz with rock music, and was a heavy contributor to the bebop movement. He was born to an upper middle class family in Illinois in 1926, but moved to New York City after high school. It is there that he honed his talents, and he soon became a local player at clubs all over Harlem. He recorded 48 studio albums, 36 live albums, and over 70 collaborations. He released his first album, The New Sounds, in 1951. Although he suffered a brief silent period, Davis continued to make music up until his death in September of 1991. He was 65 at the age of his death, and left behind three sons and a daughter; most who became musicians themselves.

The Davis family is in full support of Don Cheadle, as well as the famous Herbie Hancock, who has agreed to score the movie. Hancock was present for a lot of Mile Davis’ recordings, and is a very experienced jazz composer. If everything goes according to plan, Don Cheadle will be shooting Miles Davis’ new biopic, Miles Ahead, this summer.

By Morgan Louchen

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