Spiders: Friendly Deadly and More


Spiders are one of the many interesting creatures that are found on Earth. They come in all shapes, sizes, and the even come in a variety of colors and hues. Spiders also come in an assortment of different breeds. In fact, there are over 50,000 known species of this invertebrate around the world. An invertebrate is a creature that does not have a backbone in their bodies. Some arachnids can be quite friendly such as the large Tarantula spider that is seen to be a common house pet while other types of spiders are known to be rather deadly to human and animal alike because of their venomous bite such as the Black Widow spider.

Some of the interesting facts about spiders, whether friendly or deadly, lie within the creation of their webs and how they receive data through it. The abdominal area of an arachnid is where the silky threads of the web are stored. Using this silky substance, spiders are known to create circular constructs that later becomes a home. Many have stated that it is an amazing site to see the making of the silky design as the spider weaves it together in a delicate manner. However, looking pretty to the eye is not the only purpose of the web. The main purpose of a spider’s web is to capture food. Each strand of the silky trap is line with a sticky adhesive. This adhesive is said to be stronger than the super glue that many people buy from department stores. Once prey, such as a fly, lands within the web it struggles to get free, finding that it cannot. Vibrations from the struggle allow the spider to receive information about the prey such as where it is and how large it is. This system also works in reverse as the spider plucks the strings of the web much like the plucking of a guitar in order to find its food. Scientists have proven that spiders also use their webs in order to obtain knowledge about potential mates. Since the insect is known to have poor sight the vibrations from the web help it to ‘see’.

Out of the large amount of species that exist in the spider world only a handful of them are deadly because of their venom. Surprisingly, it is most of the smaller spiders that carry the deadly factor rather than the larger breeds. Some of these spiders include the Black Widow, Brown Recluse, and the Wolf spider. Receiving a bite from poisonous arachnids varies in effect by person, the result being anywhere from subtle to life threatening. The manner in which the venom takes effects also has to do with whether or not that person is a child. As a result of this the spider is often met with fear from humans thus the term arachnophobia which means the fear of spiders. Some spiders are known to have venom that is strong enough to take down some of the bigger animals such as a bear.

A majority of spiders are seen to be friendly than they are deadly. Many people keep spiders as house hold pets. The commonly known spider that people have as a pet is the Tarantula. Another name for this breed is Baboon Spider because of its hairy body. This feature, as well as its size, allow for the Tarantula to be easily identified. Tarantulas are docile creatures by nature. Many photos consist of people holding this type of arachnid in their hand, having them sitting on their heads, and even let the spider roam freely around the house.

More information surrounding spiders other than what makes them friendly or deadly is the coloration of a few. Much like many creatures in the animal and insect world, the male spider is brightly colored. Using this trait the males attract mates. One spider in particular uses its colors to attract a mate by dancing. This spider is known as the Peacock Spider. When trying to attract a mate the male will hold its hindquarters in the air, displaying the peacock hue on its back. It then dances in a special way in order to get the attention of a female. This is known as a mating dance. Bright colors serve another purpose; this purpose is to warn off predators much like the frog does.

Spiders are just one of many interesting creatures on the planet. Scientists are finding new discoveries about them on a daily basis as well as finding cures to some of the more venomous arachnids. If there is only thing that many people know about spiders it is that they are friendly, deadly, and much more.

By Isis E. Stevens

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