Miss Indiana: Why Everyone Loved Her

IndianaMiss Indiana USA, Mekayla Diehl, 25, was a contestant for the Miss USA pageant that was held in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on June 8. Although all 50 women were gorgeous, Diehl’s body stood out among all the rest and was certainly the fan favorite for the night. Americans from all over the country could not stop raging on social media about how normal her figure was, which was the reason why everyone loved her.

Miss Nevada, Nia Sanchez, took the Miss USA crown but Mekayla Diehl did not need that title to get her own set of fans. Diehl’s curvy body brought a refreshing sense of normalcy to fans of all ages. Her body and figure was the only one that was “normal.” For decades, pageant girls all worried about obtaining a super skinny and “perfect” body. Many would feel discouraged due to body insecurities, but Diehl strut down the stage with all the confidence in the world despite how curvy she was compared to the others. She was proud of her body in her basic white bikini and wanted to flaunt it to the world with an exceptionally large smile on her face. She was not going to let her non-skinny figure stop her from giving this beauty pageant her all.

Diehl is from Elkhart, Indiana. She is the first Native American ever to be crowned as Miss Indiana USA last November. She is also the manager of a bridal and prom dress shop in her hometown, which only makes sense considering she picked a beautiful deep red even gown with a plunging neckline to wear to the evening gown segment of Miss USA. At home, her mission includes working with Bashor’s Children’s Home. Bashor’s Children’s Home is where services are provided for children and their families who need help and suffer from welfare. Diehl has volunteered at this facility for several years already and will continue to be an active volunteer past her pageant career. Being a victim of child and sexual abuse herself, her goal is to be there as moral support to the children that do not have anyone to look up to since she could not have that same benefit growing up.

It is clear that after the 2014 Miss USA pageant Diehl provided hope and confidence to the many young women at home by simply having a normal body. Women could not stop tweeting and commenting on how perfect Miss Indiana was loved by everyone even without having a super skinny figure. Her figure stood out from the rest because every other contestant strut the runway with the almost exactly molded, skinny body and bathing suit. Some would describe it as being a blur as each contestant followed another.

Following the swimsuit contest, which was Miss Indiana’s moment of fame, the judges had to cut ten contestants from the top 20. Despite Diehl being the fan favorite, she unfortunately did not make the cut to the semifinal round. As far as what will happen next, America will not forget how much of an impact Diehl made and it is surely possible that more women with more curvy figures will be seen in future beauty pageants all over the nation. The normal curvy figure may be the next ‘ideal’ body to have for future beauty pageants.

Miss Indiana USA Mekayla Diehl walked into the Miss USA pageant knowing she did not have the ideal skinny figure. She knew that there were skinnier contestants at the pageant but probably used that as her advantage. Diehl knew she stood out and but still smiled just as big. As a fan favorite, everyone loved Miss Indiana who stuck out in a blur of skinny bikini bodies and grew fans throughout the nation for just being normal.

Opinion by Tricia Manalansan


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