MySpace Trying to Make a Comeback?


Is MySpace trying to make a comeback? That is certainly the appearance with the latest marketing campaign. The site was once the biggest social media platform online, before social media was even a real thing. Now, it is one of those forgotten platforms that sometimes musicians use for their clips because it is easier and better than other options.

Over the past few days, people who have accounts on the social networking site have received emails. This is mainly for those who have dormant accounts, and a way to remind people of just what they are missing. That is if people really think they are missing something.

However, there is something creepy about the site. It makes it clear that nobody and nothing has been forgotten about. The pictures that people shared are still there, and the updates people made are available. Videos and music are all available from the profiles, and MySpace wants to remind people of that. Individuals get annoyed at the idea of Facebook keeping information for so long, but what about holding onto information when someone has not even used the site for a few years?

Some of the photos people have shared are included in the emails to get people to come back. It reminds users of their more awkward moments; those moments that many people thought were cool at the time. MySpace really believes that this is the best way to make a comeback.

For those who start laughing at the idea of going back to the retro social media site, it is worth pointing out that it has grown up with its original users. In fact, Justin Timberlake now owns part of the company, and has helped it move forward. The new platform officially launched last year after taking two years to adapt and create, and now it just wants former users to official know about it.

Gone are the customized profiles. MySpace officially looks nothing like it once did. It is moving towards music streaming, truly being something for upcoming musicians rather than those who just want to connect with friends. It is also a site for those who love music, with the ability to create a stream of the musicians and artists people follow and create a mix of music to listen to while online. The profile page is still there, and there is still the ability to update people on a status like Facebook. However, it is more tailored to the new look of the site and focused on sharing music and interests.

The question is whether any of this will help the site become as popular as it once was. More people opt for Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter, with Instagram and YouTube being other popular options. MySpace seems to be something that has been forgotten about, and is one of the sites that many simply think “oh, I remember that!”

Maybe the marketing plan is on track. If enough people think “oh, I remember that” when it comes to looking at the photos emailed through, there are chances that they will go online and check it out. It certainly seems like MySpace is attempting to make a comeback, but it may be too little too late.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham



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  1. tyrone   September 11, 2014 at 9:50 pm

    Way to late. My space is hoping and wishing for the impossible. Myspace is left blowin in da wind…

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