*NSYNC May Make a Reunion in 2015


*NSYNC may make a reunion in 2015, if band member Lance Bass has anything to do with it. The backing singer is getting married, and he expects all his former band mates to be there to support him. However, that does not mean the five men will get back on stage and sing a song.

The plans are a way off at the moment. After all, the wedding is not planned until 2015, but this is plenty of time to get something planned. According to Bass, there does not seem to be anything planned and the four other *NSYNC members have not officially RSVP’d yet. Bass has told them that they had better attend or there will be trouble.

The band split up unofficially in 2000. Lead singers Justin Timberlake and JC Chaze went off to do their own solo projects, and it left the other three with nobody to keep the band going. However, there was never an official statement to say that it was all over. That was until recently when another band mate, Joey Fatone, ridiculed The Backstreet Boys for still performing. The Backstreet Boys were lucky enough to celebrate their 20th anniversary together last year, and have continually performed with the odd hiatus through the years for personal reasons. Fatone made it clear there and then that there was very little chance of the band ever getting back together, hinting that none of them really needed the money.

Just because they will not perform together does not mean they cannot get back together on friendly terms. Bass’ wedding in 2015 could be the perfect time for *NSYNC to make a reunion. It could even lead to an impromptu, not-for-profit performance as they entertain the singer’s and husband’s guests.

Bass hinted that it was a possibility, stating there would be a band and stage there. It would be very easy for the band to get access to the music of a song or two, and then have all five members get up and perform. Even if they were not planning to get back together officially, it would make a fun wedding gift for the singer and his husband.

The singer also hinted that there would be opportunities for others to get up and perform. The microphone would be set up throughout the night and would be an “open mic” style throughout. He is obviously hinting at something, especially when he has told all four former band mates that he wants them there for his big day.

This wedding is going to be another one for the cameras. Bass and his soon-to-be husband has allowed E! to film the whole event. It will then be aired as a reality TV show. It seems like this is the done thing when it comes to celebrity weddings now. However, if this is the case and the band does get back together for a last-minute performance, fans will get to see them perform on the TV show. Even if they do not perform, they will at least be on camera making their fans happy. There is hope that *NSYNC will make an unofficially reunion in 2015.

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  1. Mike Romo   June 27, 2014 at 12:34 pm

    The guys did re-unite at Chris Kirkpatrick’s wedding last August. Right after that they did rehearsals for their appearance at the MTV Awards a few days later. They also got together as a surprise for Chris at his 40th birthday party in 2011.

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