Paris Jackson: One Year Later


The only daughter of the late King of Pop, Paris Jackson, has had a rough time over the past year. On June 5, 2013, the then 15-year-old was rushed to a hospital after a suicide attempt at her Calabasas home. Rumors stated that the young girl had been on a downward spiral since the shocking loss of her father, Michael, in 2009. However, she has bounced back greatly. A source closely tied to the Jackson family stated that young Paris is doing extremely well and is currently enrolled at a boarding school in Utah.

According to the insider, Paris Jackson is “doing a lot better” today. “She is getting back to normal,” they revealed to E! Online. “I think she has made quite a bit of progress over the past year.”

The attempt to end her life was a buildup of past upsets for the young teen. The icing on the cake was said to be about the young Jackson attending a concert for rock star, Marilyn Manson. In her frustration, Jackson cut her wrists with a meat cleaver, attempted to overdose on pills and left behind a suicide note. She was eventually transferred to UCLA Medical Center following a 72-hour psychiatric hold at a local hospital. In a very eerie connection, UCLA Medical Center was the same hospital that her father, Michael Jackson, was taken to following his death in June of 2009.

Just one month before the suicide attempt, former choreographer Wade Robson made claims that her father had molested him in his youth. It was a shocking turn as Robson had previously and repeatedly denied any wrongdoing during Michael Jackson’s 2005 trial. The singer had been accused of molesting another young boy (he was eventually found not guilty on all charges). Robson stated that during sleepovers with Jackson, the singer would perform sexual acts on him. Executors for the estate of the late star called the claims bogus. Nothing more has been said regarding the matter of Robson’s accusation since February of this year.

Earlier in June of 2013, there was more stress for the young girl as the trial for the wrongful death suit against concert promoter, AEG Live, began. The company was the leading force in promotion for Michael Jackson’s This Is It tour, one he would ultimately never get to perform. His family, headed by matriarch Katherine Jackson, believed that by AEG’s hiring of Dr. Conrad Murray as Michael Jackson’s primary physician paved the way to would eventually lead to Jackson’s demise. Murray was charged with manslaughter for his actions in the death of the singer. A jury eventually sided with AEG and the case was dismissed. Paris was to be a part of the trial, but due to the suicide attempt, a taped deposition was shown instead.

Young Paris has been mostly under the radar since the moment when she tried to end her life, but things are looking much brighter for the now 16-year-old. The source who spoke to E! Online says that Paris may be making her way back home to her family for the summer (which includes her brothers, Prince and “Blanket”), stays in constant contact with her friends from out of state and is looking forward to getting back to complete normalcy. “She is in a much better place than a year ago,” they said.

By Jonathan Brown

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