Pippa Middleton Taking on America for Charity

Pippa Middleton

Pippa Middleton is coming to America to raise awareness for a charity, by taking on an epic cross-country bike-riding trek that spans from San Diego, CA to Annapolis, Md. The ride will attempt to cross an ambitious distance of 12 states in only eight days.

Middleton is not be the only family member to attempt this ride. Sadly, older sister Kate Middleton will not be joining the cycle, instead Pippa’s younger brother, James Middleton will be peddling with her on the “Race across America.”

The group will attempt to cycle anywhere from three to 500 miles a day. The riders will be organized into teams, and each team will be able to tag other team members into the race when they are too exhausted to continue. This gives the riders a chance to eat, relax, and rest, so the rigorous pace of the race can constantly continue.

Pippa and James Middleton are on a team with six other riders, and Pippa is the only female on the team. Also on their team is good friend, James Matthews. Matthews tragically lost his brother when he was descending Mt. Everest in 1999. The goal of the charity is to raise awareness and money to honor Matthews’s brother, who was only 22 when he died.

This will not be the first ultra endurance event that James and Pippa have tackled. In 2012, the siblings also took part in a Swedish cross-country ski marathon. The marathon was described as grueling, and was said to last seven hours. Later in the summer, after completing the bike ride, the siblings are rumored to be participating in the Bosphorus Cross Continental Swimming Race.

It is reported that Pippa Middleton will draw large crowds, following her every move, while she is in America, racing for the charity. Middleton has become somewhat of a celebrity in the United States after the royal wedding. The public was fascinated with the younger sister for her poise, grace, and also for her fit figure.

Middleton is no stranger to helping charities raise money. Pippa is also an ambassador for the British Heart Foundation and is helping raise awareness for heart disease and women’s health. Pippa said she was shocked at the amount of women who die from heart disease, and is passionate about raising awareness for this issue among women.

Pippa and James Middleton posed, along with their team, in San Diego, CA and answered a few questions about the race. Pippa predicted that every cyclist would be lathering a special chamois cream on his or her legs during the non-stop ride. Chamois cream is a combination of Shea butter, olive oil, or aloe Vera, and it helps prevent the inner thighs and the bottom from being rubbed raw during a long bike ride.

Pippa Middleton said she was excited to cross America on a bike and raise money for the charity, The Michael Matthews Foundation. Middleton said it was nerve-racking because they will get very little sleep, but it’s for a good cause, so she is excited to participate.

By Sara Petersen

Daily News
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