PlayStation 4 Owners Can Play Destiny Starting July 17

Destiny Beta July 17

Sony branded their E3 conference with a bold statement, “Play it First, Play it Better.”  Which is exactly why Sony has faith in Bungie. Sony began with a Destiny trailer and then revealed that the game would open it’s beta to PlayStation owners July 17.

For everyone that can’t contain their excitement long enough to wait, the Destiny Alpha will be available on PS4’s starting this weekend. Destiny is still set to release September 9. In collaboration with the launch of the game, PlayStation will bundle it with the new glacier white PlayStation 4. Shooter fans prepare for an experience.

For those that pick this up on launch day, extra content including weapons, armor sets, ships, and more will be available. Not only are the fans excited, the developers themselves can hardly wait.

By Garrettt Jutte
The Seattle Times

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