Police Officer Honored Laid to Rest in Wyoming


One of the two slain police officers from the Las Vegas police department who were gunned down by a husband and wife team has arrived in his home state of Wyoming. Alyn Beck, a native of Green River will be buried in Afton, a town in the western portion of Wyoming. Nevada state patrol officers stopped at the Nevada Utah border where the Highway Patrol of Utah escorted the procession of hearse and family on Interstate Highway 80 to Wyoming. According to information provided by the Star Valley Independent, Beck’s in-laws live in Afton.

His daughter, Avenlee wrote him a letter as only an 11-year-old can sweet, simple, heartfelt and protective. His chief of police, Sheriff Doug Gillespie, with a feeling of overwhelming disappointment, said: “These two criminals took from all of us what they can never have.” He also spoke of Beck’s dedication to police work and how he would have given his life for any fellow officer or member of the community. Alyn Beck ‘s wife, Nicole, son Daxton, and daughters Avenlee and Katriann were surrounded by a loving family during the recent ceremony in Las Vegas to honor his passing. The Smith Center for the Performing Arts contained a large crowd of sympathizers, friends and police contingents from across the Western States.

Friends and fellow officers of Alyn Beck, Mike Bland and Sgt. Jimmy Oaks, remembered Beck for his passion for training, teaching, and mentoring younger officers. Bland cited the Multi Assault Counter Terrorism Action Capabilities program, Beck was hand-picked for as trainer, as an example of his ability and dedication to his profession. Sgt. Oaks, a Las Vegas Police department supervisor and close friend, commented that when Beck was on duty he was totally focused on his work but at home he embraced his family as his primary purpose of his life. Oaks received training from Beck early in his career and stated that he never knew what Beck was going to say and always kept Oaks on his toes.

Igor Soldo, also a Las Vegas police officer, was having lunch with Beck when they were slain. Soldo was a part-time corrections officer in Nebraska for three years before moving to Las Vegas and being hired in 2006. Another ceremony will be conducted for Beck at his burial in Wyoming. Soldo’s funeral was conducted Thursday, June 14.police funeral 21 gun salute_2

When Beck returned from a mission to Brazil for the Church of Christ of Latter-day Saints, he attended the University of Wyoming and received two bachelor’s degrees. A famous anecdote about Beck concerned his method of a marriage proposal to his wife Nicol. While they were in a class at the college, two trumpeters entered the room playing the song “Love and Marriage,” and he proposed. Moments like that one remembers for a lifetime. His sister and brother, unable to hold back occasional tears, commented on his thirst for adventure and always wanting to try something new.

His thirst for activity and desire to help others was expressed in his knack for carpentry, helping friends with remodeling projects or guiding youth in church programs. His mentoring ability and police training were offered as life lessons to the youth activities and youngsters involved in the programs. Beck was eulogized by fellow officers, family, and friends. Those who knew him well spoke their peace, left the podium and rested. The final ceremony honoring his commitment to life and police work in Las Vegas was well attended, by supporting police organizations, the media, and proper pomp and circumstance of the event.

Helicopters hovered, bagpipes wailed, flags were draped and flown in their proper accord. Fellow Las Vegas police officers honored Beck’s memory and saluted one final farewell to their slain comrade. The family received the draped coffin flag. A memorial slide presentation highlighted memorable moments of a Wyoming native laid to rest and removed too soon from life.

By Andy Towle

Las Vegas Review Journal
Salt Lake Tribune
Las Vegas Sun

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