PositiveSingles.Com Is a One Stop Resource for the STD Community

Interview With Jenelle Marie

PositiveSingles.com is the #1 STD dating sitePositiveSingles.com is an exclusive community of warm-hearted individuals who have tested positive for a sexually transmitted disease (STD) or a sexually transmitted infection (STI). Not only can people find information about medical treatments relative to any type of STD or STI they can also meet new friends and potential spouses or partners.

This online community cares very much about privacy. No one is required to submit any information they are not ready to share. All information remains private and anonymous until the user is ready to open up and take things further. Positive Singles is open to anyone regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race or religion.

I had the privilege of interviewing Jenelle who is the spokeswoman for PositiveSingles.com and during our conversation, as you will find below, she shared valuable information relative to the benefits, resources and tools the site offers to support those who have had or are currently dealing with a sexually transmitted infection or disease.

Cherese:  Thank you Jenelle for taking the time to share with our readers the benefits of the PositiveSingles.com website and all of the resources and tools you provide to your members. First, how did the creators of PositiveSingles.com get involved with online dating?

Jenelle: First of all it was just smart business. There was a population that was not being served effectively and who had very few resources available for them. This community is constantly growing because there are millions of people getting infected every year. So you have this large amount of people who basically had no place to go. A lot of STDs are long term infections and some are not, but those who have an STD need resources and Positive Singles was created to meet that need and bridge the gap.

This is a scary place because once people are diagnosed with an STD they immediately starting asking questions like: How am I ever going to date again, will anybody love me, am I going to be able to get married, will I be able to have children? In other words, they want to know how they are supposed to move forward being recently diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease or infection.

A platform such as PositiveSingles.com which caters to this community of people serves that purpose effectively. It is meeting a need that otherwise many would never experience. It is a good business model because it is serving a population of people with resources and tools to use while helping them continue on with their lives.PositiveSingles.Com Is a One Stop Resource for the STD Community

PositiveSingles.com offers a traditional dating platform that matches a lot of the other dating platforms that are online but with added beneficial components and resources such as the interactive forum, blogs, questions and answers, online chat and live counselors on hand among many other benefits. So PositiveSingles.com is a full service, one stop shop website supporting that population so they can move forward, be positive and feel good about themselves again.

Very rarely is an STD diagnosis physically debilitating but too often it can be emotionally debilitating. It can stop people from wanting to do anything in life because it makes them feel like that have to hide and that is just not the case. So, Positive Singles serves this primary purpose for anyone with an STD diagnosis of any kind.

Cherese: The online chat option with live counselors is great. I’m sure that is a valuable resource for your members because an STD, just like any other medical diagnosis, can be scary but it is great that PostiveSingles.com allows questions to be answered via live chat 24 hours a day.

Jenelle: I agree this option is so helpful and necessary. People really appreciate and utilize it; that speaks to the need for this kind of resource. I believe that is why we have such a high number of active users on a daily basis – there are so many resources and tools for members to utilize. They can go on the site and talk with people in similar situations or ask questions such as: What did you do when “this” happened, did you have side effects or how did you approach the situation.

To have access to others with the same diagnosis is so nice because STDs are so taboo and very few people talk about them. More often than not when they are talked about it is in a perverse and degrading manner; usually used to defame someone’s character. When that happens to someone they are left wondering what they can do or how can they handle their issues. They want to know what real information is out there that is not laced with stigmas and misconceptions; they are searching for a place they access information without being subjected to shame or judgment.

Cherese: I know that Positive Singles is big on privacy when it comes to their members but having you as the voice of their brand is great because you are so open with your own story and that lends credence to the site and has a greater impact on its success.

Jenelle: That is exactly why they brought me on board; I am living the story and have come out in a positive way concerning my personal experiences. I am not just conveying information I speak from my own experience and from a personal perspective. This helps build trust because I am someone who has been there so I understand and can empathize; I am not just a voice but someone who can use and enjoy the benefits from the site as well. I know firsthand how it feels and can identify with the struggles or concerns of our members.

PositiveSingles.com is really trying to help and support their members they are not just doing this to make money. It is a great business model but the best businesses are the ones that serve a purpose with tools, resources, services and products that people want and need our site is fulfilling that.

Cherese: Does your dating site have a high ratio of members who have formed relationships as a result of people being on the site?

Jenelle: We do not have solid statistics on that but we have a lot of members who send in their success stories and/or share them in the forums. All of the stories are great, like the ones from people who joined the site looking for a partner, mate or marriage. There are plenty of success stories on the site to reflect that. The part of the success stories that impact me the most are ones who say, no I did not find a “significant other” but I found a best friend for life.

There are so many people who visit the site daily and participate in the open forums or on chats that as a result of the PositiveSingles.com platform they end up connecting with someone who lives in their same area, or they meet up in a social group and form a solid friendship because they have something in common. That is really cool because even though they may not have found partners on the site, and yes there are plenty that do, they found new friends and developed new relationships all because of the site.

Of course, that is different than what someone would find on a traditional dating site because they are usually there just for the purpose of dating and are not looking to build any other type of relationship. So real friendships are not the norm for other sites

On Positive Singles dating site there are a myriad of relationships formed because of all of the tools and resources that are available; it is not just dating there are blogs, forums and chats. Although when signing on to represent PositiveSingles.com I did not anticipate other relationship stories but these are so refreshing because relationships are the core of our very existence in life.

The number one fear that I hear daily when people are first diagnosed, while working on the STD Project and the PositiveSingles site, is centered on relationships. They are worried whether or not they will ever be able to meet anyone, will they ever date again, or will they end up an angry old miser who is lonely and miserable for the rest of their life. Although this is not the case, these are very real concerns for people diagnosed with an STD and are the reason a platform such PositiveSingles.com serves such a great purpose. It helps people get over that huge hump of fear.

Cherese: What would you say makes the Positive Singles platform unique?

Jenelle: What makes our site unique is we offer more than just the standard dating platform. PositiveSingles.com is an entire resource for those who have or have had a sexually transmitted disease or infection. The site provides its members the opportunity to get all their information in one place; it is a one stop shop.

Cherese: I really enjoyed speaking with you and I fully understand why you are the “voice” behind the PositiveSingles.com brand. Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule of helping others to share with the readers of Guardian Liberty Voice.

After speaking with you it is apparent that once a person finds out they have tested positive for a STD their dating life does not have to end. PositiveSingles.com has provided several testimonials for people dating with HIV, herpes and other STDS. This site has been deemed the largest, best, most trusted and completely anonymous online dating site for people with all types of STDs. PositiveSingles.com has members in the United States, Canada, UK, Europe and Australia.

Stay tuned for part two of the interview with Jenelle which will deal more in depth with their Partnership with STD Triage and the launch of their new iOS App. In the interim you can find all the benefits and resources the site has to offer at www.PositiveSingles.com.

Interview By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


Jenelle Marie (Spokesperson)

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