Recycling for the Environment and Your Own Pocket [Video]


As garbage both fills and overflows the landfills of this world, recycling can still make a difference both to the environment and also for your own pocket. Instead of our garbage ending up in piles of plastic, glass, left-over food etc., blighting our landscapes and ever-growing, it is necessary to start thinking “recycling” and yes, with care you can actually save some money.  In other words, “eco” can also be short for economy!

So many people take out the trash, using one great big mixed bag, to the garbage bins outside. With some minor effort, this could all be separated, plastic from glass, paper from tin cans and put into the correct recycling bin where it can then continue to live another useful and worthwhile day.

Another idea before you even start to recycle is to do your best to keep away from plastic wherever possible, (especially those endless supermarket bags) by choosing to take the paper route instead. By cutting down and also reusing items, we can make a dent in the sheer and unadulterated plastic garbage of this world.

Wine bottles and food jars can also continue on a useful course. Most of us have at least one bottle for chucking away each day. Don’t just junk it, put it in the glass recycling bin and let it be reused, rather than ending up in the local landfill.

Save a few trees from being chopped down by putting card and paper garbage in a place where it can be reused, over and over again, as a worthwhile offshoot of the process (pardon the pun).

For those of us with a garden, investigate making a compost heap to put your vegetable peels, coffee grinds and more to a worthwhile cause.

Of course, there are different ways to recycle your household garbage besides putting it into the nearest bin. You can do the actual recycling yourself in the home, using cast-offs as home décor, gift-wrap and many other handy uses. This method of recycling can not only aid the environment and it is also good to save some money in your own pocket.

Take those big soda bottles, cut them down to size, and you have handy planters for your herbs or seedlings. In fact, any larger plastic bottle would do, as long as no nasty chemicals have been stored in that container in the past.

A gift, wrapped in ordinary brown office paper and brightened up with a ribbon.

Instead of laying out money for gift wrap, when receiving a gift, and despite those irritated looks you get from friends, carefully open the parcel so that you can reuse that pretty paper.

Alternatively try using a heavier grade kitchen foil or ordinary brown office paper to wrap that gift. All you need to do then is add an attractive ribbon to brighten it up and you have the perfect, new-look parcel to hand to your friend or family member.

There are so many ideas out there to reuse our left-over plastic, paper and glass to decorate our homes and protect our environment. The video below gives a few really original home décor tips and a few handy links are also included at the end of the article.

Basically the whole idea is to think first before throwing that garbage away and we can make a difference in this world by recycling correctly, not only for the environment but to put a few cents back in our own pockets too.

By Anne Sewell


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