Heroes of Cosplay New Orleans Wizard World Part One

*Spoiler Alert*

Heroes of Cosplay New Orleans Wizard World Part One

This week the Heroes of Cosplay headed to New Orleans and Wizard World in part one of this split season finale. Yaya Han is pulling double duty at the Louisiana event where she is judging one competition and hosting another. The competitors this week are Jessica, Holly, Chloe, Riki, Katie, Carl, Jesse, Miguel and Indra.

The episode on Tuesday, apart from pointing out that there were two cosplay events to compete in, individual and group, focussed a little more on the men. While the girls were shown getting their various group plans sorted, Yaya Han pointed out that the New Orleans competition requires a skit from the groups.

Chloe, Jessica and Holly all decide to channel their inner J.M. Barrie a la’ Guillermo del Toro aka Peter Pan Labyrinth. Katie, Riki, and Indra all go for a Soulcalibur IV look. Staying with the ladies, Yaya has decided to sort out and wear two different costumes for her dual duty of judge and host.

Han’s first outfit choice was Enira the Banshee Queen from the MMORPG game Lineage 2. Part of Yaya’s preparation for her choice of character involved learning to walk on stilts. Despite never having used them before, Yaya conquered her fears and practiced as much as she could.

The guys chose characters from comic books, and film. Carl, saw the New Orleans competition at Wizard World as a chance for redemption. On last week’s Heroes of Cosplay, he endured a lot of discomfort with his Silent Hill costume and he left empty handed. Part one of this season finale two-parter sees Carl focusing on Haunt, an ectoplasmic creation dreamt up by Todd McFarlane and Robert Kirkman.

Miguel opts for Shazam from the Injustice video game. It is a character he feels a lot of passion for. Like Carl, the New York cosplayer wants to do well at the New Orleans event. Jesse decides to attend as Thorin Oakenshield from the world of The Hobbit.

This episode followed both the guys and the gals as they planned their costumes. The creative process includes designing the outfits along with all the accessories. Indra, who came to visit Katie and Riki with Yaya, ended up becoming part of their group and the three began to work on their outfits.

Jesse began making the “metal” pieces of his Thorin outfit only to discover his first attempt was way too heavy. He then had to start over and make his metal out of resin. Chloe was concerned about her sewing skills and does not want to let down Jessica and Holly.

Meanwhile Yaya decided that her second costume at the Wizard World event will be her new villain Jasmin Synn from the web series Archangel. Team Soulcalibur IV were having issues, with Katie falling behind in the making of her outfit and Indra was worried that both Riki and Katie are not taking the skit requirement seriously.

Carl was very pleased with his Haunt costume and felt that he had a great chance to take home an award this week. His enthusiasm has not waned from his lack of recognition last week. Yaya worried that her new Jasmin Synn outfit would not go over well because no one would know who the character was.

However, when Ms. Han strode onstage the huge crowd at the Louisiana Con went wild. Yaya can apparently do no wrong in their eyes. Miguel and Jesse were nervous and Thorin Oakenshield was unnerved by the size and the noise of the crowd.

Carl, as usual, was not bothered by either the size or sound of the large audience. By the end of the Heroes of Cosplay, New Orleans Wizard World, part one, Jesse took home Best Male Hero; Miguel got an honorable mention and Carl was near tears. Previews of the season finale next week shows Yaya may have a bit of trouble with her Banshee outfit. Oh dear.

By Michael Smith




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  1. hots pot sheild   March 10, 2019 at 7:16 pm

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  2. J Wheeler   July 1, 2014 at 8:18 pm

    I liked the faked crowd shots and noise myself. I was there. I actually appear 10 times on camera over the two episodes and the Temporal distortions and the timey-wimey timeline they had on their <> “two night” contest was worthy of my Fifth Doctor.
    The crowd for the group contest was easily 1/5 what it was at the beginning (the magic of editing). And just when did they do those costume shots (in the day time near the 1-10 Bridge away from the hotels-which were across the street) if it was last minute finishes since it was from 7pm to midnight in just 1 night!! Are there still parties on Bourbon St after Midnight? 🙂 It left a bad taste in my mouth that I waited 4 1/2 months to feel all over again.

  3. Abby   June 30, 2014 at 12:12 am

    What were holly jessica and Chloe cod playing as at the end of the episode while waiting to meet up with the boys? Chloe and Jessica were wearing yellow and wigs and turtle shell backpacks and holly was dressed kindof like a dog in a blue button up

    • Candice   July 2, 2014 at 3:04 pm

      Rocko’s Modern Life.

  4. Not a fan   June 26, 2014 at 5:49 am

    Correcting the fact that there were NOT two contests and that that is a bare faced lie out on by the show for some odd reason since it is so easily verifiable, and really Yaya can do quite a bit of wrong in her eyes… mostly because after being there I know most of the cheering for the Dalek she bagged on, and had that cheering edited in over those that actually BOOED her.

    • Michael Smith   June 26, 2014 at 1:35 pm

      This could be a “lost in translation” moment for the show. Since the competitions are broken into group and individual categories and Yaya had a different role to play for each, it could be why the show said two contests.


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