Revolutionary Future Technology Coming for This Generation

future technologyWith computer industries growing faster than ever, the technology of the future has been predicted by experts to enable revolutionary capabilities for humans, but analysts and experts have also illustrated that the next wave of technological innovation is coming for this generation of consumers, one of them being Google Glass. Google Glass is an augmented reality device that enables the user to look at social media feeds, texts, navigation, and take photos -with only their eyes. Google’s Sergey Brin has experimented the device and it is only available to a select group of developers for $1500.

A future technology which has already made its way into public domain is the 3D printer. 3D printers can interpret a digital design and create, or print, a solid product. If made personally available, the future technology could allow anybody to create a physical product. Analytical theorists have hypothesized that the technology will become so efficient that entire cities will be 3D printed. Where an architect will create a design for a city and all its individual components, then an “army” of 3D printers will construct the city to ideal proportions.

Virtual reality gaming is a revolutionary future technology coming for this generation of gamers, and it is also beginning to make its way into the hands of consumers with the Oculus Rift. The future technology for gaming comes in the form of a headset that when placed on someone’s head, can enable the user to move his or her head around and feel as if he or she is in an actual world. The developers of the Oculus Rift want the device to be affordable at a proposed retail price of $300.  The company has since been bought by Facebook for approximately $3 billion, but the original developers are still working on the product with the same goals in mind.

Another revolutionary future technology coming for this generation is the Eye Tribe, a device that utilizes eye tracking. Eye Tribe is one of the first accesories to successfully use eye movement for control. The Eye Tribe allows users to control their tablet, play fruit ninja, and use a flight simulator. The company is currently seeking partnership to further bring the technology to public domain.

The future of technology is estimated by analysts to not be a world full of devices, but rather one device that accomplishes an extensive amount of tasks. SmartThings is a step in that direction. SmartThings allows the user to see changes in their home with their smoke detectors, humidity, pressure and vibration sensors via their smartphone. It also allows users to monitor who has been entering their home and turn on the lights upon entering a room.

The revolutionary future technology coming for this generation is attributed to several different trends in what the public wants and what companies are developing. One trend is the desire for no-touch interfaces. Microsoft’s Kinect, Apple’s Siri, and Google’s Glass all are beginning to experiment and further the capabilities of no-touch interfaces. Also, the movement of real world items and functions to an online variant is fueling the development for future technologies. With more educational institutions, companies, and jobs being translated online, some feel that the necessity for more advanced technology is greater than ever.

By Andres Loubriel

The Wire

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