Rihanna Tromps TLC with Topless Pictures on Twitter

Rihanna Tromps TLC with Topless Pictures on Twitter
Rihanna could give Miley Cyrus lessons on how to “hog the limelight,” after a busy May on Twitter, the singer has tromped TLC by posting topless pictures of the R&B duo on her profile page and she has managed to be all over the Internet once again. RiRi is not afraid to go up against anyone in the Twitterverse.

Even when public opinion is against the singer she will stand up for what she believes in, although in the case of Diamonds singer bullying a 16 year-old fan who copied her wardrobe, Rihanna was silent. While the previously adoring teen fan copied the singer’s “bat suit” to much derision from the Internet and the singer, it is doubtful that she will copy the performer’s latest outfit.

However, remaining silent during the charges of cyber bullying did not stop Rihanna from taking on Twitter tactician and master of the vitriolic tweet Charlie Sheen shortly after the bat prom dress debacle. Sheen had asked the singer if she would meet his fiance, who is a huge fan, the Stay singer refused and when Tigers Blood Charlie lashed out on his favorite forum, Rihanna was unimpressed. She fired back with a clever little broadside of her own.

This latest tempest in a C-cup has come about after RiRi wore a “nude” dress to the Council of Fashion Designers of America awards event on June 2. With her bare breasts and buttocks on show through the sheer material, a number of people shouted foul. It could been seen as a bit on the tasteless side but Rihanna has never been shy about showing off her assets.

After TLC artists Chilli and T-Boz slammed Rihanna for “always being naked,” the singer, who obviously knows that a picture is worth a thousand words, posted a photograph of the duo with their own breasts showing on RiRi’s Twitter page tromping them in the process. As the saying goes, those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

Perhaps more importantly,they should make sure that there are no boob baring skeletons in the closet before pointing fingers to another artist’s proclivity for showing “too much” skin. TLC may have gotten carried away since they have been performing to sell out crowds in Australia. Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald T-Boz spoke out against Rihanna saying that she “called a spake a spade.” She obviously forgot another little saying that goes, “if the shoe fits, wear it.”

The 90’s musical duo apparently forgot that Rihanna knows how to work Twitter. Like another female artist who courts controversy on a regular basis, Miley Cyrus, RiRi uses the social networking site to promote herself continually. Unlike Cyrus, the singer is old enough to “get by” with her image of tawdry sex and lewd actions that promise to tantalize and entertain. Although the United Kingdom apparently do not like the idea of her imagery since they banned Rihanna’s perfume advertisement in that country.

In this case, however, Rihanna has stripped away her “cheap sex” image by appearing in the Adam Selman creation at the fashion award show. She went on to win the Fashion Icon Award for 2014. To be fair, even before posting the TLC topless pictures on Twitter, RiRi tromped the R&B duo by winning the award. After all, a fashion icon award indicates a win based on clothing and not nudity, which would be different thing altogether.

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  1. Horace belterman   June 10, 2014 at 5:26 am

    Nudity is quite old. Uproars over nudity is even older. The wasted energy that ripples thru the media each time a new singer or starlet exposes a private part is and has become very dull. It’s only an attention grabber because of the circus placed around it by a few well placed newspaper and magazine editors who have to sell papers and ad space. Controversy over what everyone has already seen 1000 times is reason enough to improve sales and keep the spotlight on females that by their very natrure, glove the heat of the public glare.


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