Saved by the Bell to Air as Lifetime Movie: Why Ruin a Good Thing?

Saved by the Bell

The popular 90s sitcom, Saved by the Bell (SBTB), has reportedly been recast for a Lifetime television movie, The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story, that will explain the “untold” story about the original actors of the series and what they experienced during a life of super-stardom. One question many people might be asking is, “Who cares about the drama that went on behind the scenes?” Saved by the Bell is going to be aired as a Lifetime movie, but why ruin a good thing?

Many discrepancies over what actually happened between the young actors off camera could be the reason this television movie might have come about. In 2009, Dustin Diamond (who portrayed Screech) wrote an indecent book called Behind the Bell, describing the “not so wholesome” incidents that occurred between the cast members. According to Diamond, all five thespians except for him engaged in drugs, sexual activity, and were even involved in threesomes. Interestingly enough, none of Diamond’s atrocious claims have been verified. TIME magazine reported that the TV movie will coincide with Diamond’s alleged witnessing of these events.

Saved by the BellThe SBTB original casting director Robin Lippin, chose the six new faces to portray the entertaining Bayside High group. Dylan Everett will play Zach Morris, Sam Kindseth will portray Samuel “Screech” Powers, Julian Works will play A.C. Slater, Alyssa Lynch will depict Kelly Kapowski, Tiera Skovbye will play Jessie Spano, and Taylor Russell will portray Lisa Turtle.

Supposedly, hours of new interviews have already been conducted for the film to validate its authenticity. Regardless of whether or not the information that the directors and producers received is accurate, it is quite disturbing that a remake is being done not only as a movie but to air the cast members’ dirty laundry. But Saved by the Bell will air as a Lifetime movie and why they are ruining a good thing is a question that has yet to be answered.

What would the large majority’s response be if Lifetime decided to create a TV movie out of Friends, Full House or The Wonder Years? Most likely, the backlash would not be pretty. The iconic characters in each of these shows cannot be reproduced and should not be reproduced in an unflattering B-rated film that goes into detail about their mishaps both on and off camera. It is highly probable that the actors in the aforementioned sitcoms all had skeletons in their closets, but who wants to know about all of the gory details?

It is possible that there will be intrigue to watch the new television movie just for “shock” value, or to quell the curiosity of what actually went on between the cast members behind closed doors. In addition, Lifetime could see this opportunity as a good financial investment if the Saved by the Bell TV movie is a success. On the other hand, the movie could completely flop and the network would be losing money.

One aspect is certain, viewers will have to wait and see whether The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story was worth watching. The original television series was a success but it is doubtful that the movie will even be able to come close to achieving anything similar. Saved by the Bell will air as a Lifetime movie, but why ruin a good thing?

Saved by the Bell

Opinion By Amy Nelson

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