Schoolboy Q Targeted by Gunman Following Benefit Concert

Schoolboy Q and His Posse Fired Upon Following Benefit Concert

Schoolboy Q and his entourage were reportedly targeted by an unknown gunman after he, Flying Lotus, and Nas performed together in a benefit concert in Morrison, Colorado. The concert was held on Thursday at the Red Rocks amphitheater, and was designed to raise money for three charities. Two of the charities were the Support Project of Denver and the Gang Rescue Program.

The three acts performed in front of an appreciative audience of around 4,500 fans. Nas was the act that headlined the show. The concert was successful, but after the acts left, Schoolboy Q, whose real name is Quincy Hanley, and his posse were fired upon when they got into a white SUV to leave. According to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, the shooting took place behind the Red Rocks amphitheater, near the Trading Post, at about 10:25 p.m.

Schoolboy Q, who has admitted that he used to belong to a gang, was not hit in the ensuing gunfire, but three members of his entourage were shot before the gunmen drove off. After that, Schoolboy Q and his posse reportedly headed in search of the nearest hospital. The SUV was pulled over by Denver police, who led them to a hospital. In the confusion that ensued, the police briefly handcuffed Schoolboy Q and one member of his posse, but released them, once they realized what had actually happened.

None of Schoolboy Q’s entourage were seriously injured during the brief shootout. Schoolboy Q tweeted to his fans early on Friday that he had not been shot in the gunfire, and that they shouldn’t “trip.”

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is still investigating the shooting and is attempting to find the gunman who fired upon the vehicle that Schoolboy Q and his posse were leaving in after the benefit concert. One possibility they are investigating is if it was a gang-related shooting.

Most of the Red Rocks park where the amphitheater is located has been reopened after being closed down in the aftermath of the shooting, according to However, the place where the shooting, itself, occurred still remains sealed off by the police.

According to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, no one has so far been arrested in connection with the shooting, though in a statement, the office reported that there currently was a “search underway.” Police conducted searches of all of the cars that still remained at the Red Rocks amphitheater immediately after the shooting occurred and they realized that the gunman might still be in the area.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office thinks that the van Schoolboy Q and his entourage were in might “have been targeted” in the shooting. On Saturday, Kelley stated that it seemed to have been “a targeted shooting rather than random.” Authorities have said that the gunman was a six-foot tall black man, and they have reason to believe that he shoot up the white SUV with a rifle.

Back in March, there were reports that someone threw an object at Schoolboy Q during a concert at the Ogden Theater in Denver, and the rapper allegedly left the stage to confront the person who had thrown it at him. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is checking into that incident, to see if there is any connection between it and the shooting that took place at the Red Rocks amphitheater.

Schoolboy Q and his posse were thankfully not seriously injured by the shooting that occurred at the Red Rocks amphitheater following their performance at a benefit concert there. Police are investigating and are trying to find the gunman, but as of now, the assailant still remains at large.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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