Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Hiding Romance No More

Selena Gomez

Up until now, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have hidden their romance, but that is happening no more. The turbulent couple were finally spotted on a date together, which was a simple dinner and a movie. Many have questioned whether a relationship is back on the cards for the two of them after the 21-year-old’s apparent decision that she was giving up on her Canadian boyfriend.

The Come and Get It singer’s friends and family are not happy with her decision to get back with him. They believe he is a bad influence on her, and he continually causes her stress. This is not good for her health in general, but even worse when she is battling the autoimmune disorder lupus.

Former BFF Taylor Swift is also reportedly fed up of the on-again, off-again relationship, making it clear that she will no longer be a shoulder to cry on. The country-pop singer previously spoke out about always being there for a friend, even when Gomez had deleted her from Instagram and said she was done being friends with her.

However, the former Disney star is certain that Bieber has changed. He wants to be a better boyfriend for her, and has even been spotted attending bible study with the star. There are cynics who wonder just how long this will last, and whether it is just a ploy to get back into her life.

After a week or so of debating, it seems that Gomez and Bieber are no longer hiding their romance. They want to make it clear to the world that they are in love and together. Bieber even wanted to show that he had changed by reportedly buying a holiday home for the two of them together. This is not the first time the couple has considered buying a home together, but they usually break up before they get to the actual buying part.

According to the Los Angeles Times, a source close to the Boyfriend singer is not surprised they are back together. It happens all the time, and is getting to the point of boring for some. Something that many do not realize is that the two continually speak even when they are not officially together. They love each other, and would rather be friends than not talk to each other at all. However, the more they talk, the more they forget about their previous arguments and end up back together. The cycle then continues as they fight about something else.

The last fight seemed like the end for the relationship. Bieber was caught cheating on Gomez with the Jenner sisters. She had been so hurt by this that she had turned to religion, although friends did worry that she was just switching her obsessions. They did seem relieved that Bieber was out of her life, though. That all quickly changed when she was spotted at the 20-year-old’s father’s birthday bash.

Now the bets are on about how long the two will last. However, it definitely seems the two want to make it official to the world. Gomez and Bieber were spotted on a date night, and are hiding their relationship no more.

By Alexandria Ingham


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