Selena Gomez Stalker Locked Away but Not All Good News

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez’s stalker is being locked away but it is not all good news for the star. Che Cruz was charged with the felony stalking, and pled no contest in court yesterday. It instantly led to the judge deciding he needed to serve some time.

However, that time will not be in jail. The judge ordered Cruz to spend a minimum of 30 days in a mental health institution, so he could receive the help he needed. He will need to do 180 days at the facility afterwards, but will not need to remain within the facility grounds. That means Gomez could find him back at her house.

The Come and Get It singer has already had to deal with Cruz on at least two occasions. The first time he was arrested and remained in jail for two days. Despite being told to stay away from the songstress, he went back to her home and even got into it. There were possibilities that he would face up to four years in jail since he had also broken his parole the second time. However, it seems that a judge was lenient realizing that there are clearly some mental health issues.

To help make the 21-year-old feel safe, the stalker has been ordered to remain 200 yards away from her at all times, including her home. That will last for 10 years. However, it is clear that these types of orders do not work considering the last time he was released he was straight back at her home.

While the Gomez stalker is locked away, it is not all good news. Within 30 days he could be back pestering her. The worrying thing is that he may not quite understand when to stop, and it could put her life in danger. At the same time, the singer is now back with Canadian boyfriend Bieber, and he has a bad habit of hitting first and asking questions later.

There is hope that the help from the mental health institution will prevent any issues later on. While he is only being forced to remain for the first 30 days, there is another 180 days that he will need to complete as an outpatient afterwards.

It will certainly be disappointing and scary for Gomez. She was home the first time Cruz trespassed, and may have been home the second time. In the back of her mind, she may have been relieved knowing that he was likely facing harsh sentencing. It may not make much sense for her for the judge to be so lenient on a man who is clearly dangerous and a threat to her safety.

To top it off, the former Disney star is trying to keep her lupus under control, which her grandfather is worried about for her. She needs to keep her stress to a minimum. That is hard enough with her aforementioned boyfriend, but to add the stalker drama on top of that is unfair. At least she can be at ease knowing Cruz will not cause problems for the next 30 days. Gomez’s stalker is locked away for a short period of time, but unfortunately for her it is not all good news this time.

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