Selena Gomez’s Family Worried Over Justin Bieber Reunion

Selena Gomez

The family and friends of Selena Gomez are worried over her reunion with Justin Bieber. While she claims the Canadian singer has changed, family members and friends doubt it. They are worried about her excessive partying and the fact that the police were called to her home on Tuesday night because of a party.

The 21-year-old has been in an on-again-off-again relationship with Bieber for a few years now, and she just cannot seem to break the habit. Their most recent reunion was back in March 2014 for a short period until he broke her heart again. After that, she turned to religion and swore off sex until marriage. It seemed to be a semi-positive move, although friends worried that she was replacing one obsession with another.

However, at the start of this month, Gomez was spotted with the Bieber family and it seemed like a relationship with the Boyfriend singer was back on the cards. The relationship has led to Taylor Swift allegedly declaring that she is done trying to help the Come and Get It singer. Swift will no longer be a shoulder to cry on when the relationship breaks down again.

It seems like the two really think they can make it work this time. However, friends and loved ones think the latter, and it has led to Gomez’s family to worry about her because of the reunion with Bieber. They fear that she will not look after herself properly, which could cause problems for her lupus symptoms. Partying and staying out until all hours of the night are not recommended for dealing with lupus symptoms, as she needs to eat well and live a healthy lifestyle.

The couple has stopped listening to those around them, and according to Hollywood Life are buying a house together. The 20-year-old Canadian is looking for a home to prove that he has changed, and is not longer the bad boy party animal that he has been made out to be over the last few years. He wants to prove that he loves his girlfriend, despite his womanizing ways and previous cheating scandals.

Gomez and her Baby boyfriend have considered moving in together in the past. However, each time something has stopped them, and it has usually being Bieber’s antics. In some cases, they have broken up completely, only to end up getting back together at a later date. Friends close to both celebrities have noted that they are in a toxic relationship, and both know that. However, their love for each other is “unconditional,” and they believe they can work through everything eventually.

This time, Gomez really believes that her boyfriend has changed. He wants to change, and has started praying with the star. It seems to have had an impact on the Canadian singer, too. This has been a shock to many, but those close to the former Disney star doubt that it is going to last. Gomez’s family continue to worry over her reunion with Bieber, especially for the sake of her health.

By Alexandria Ingham



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