Lorde Sees a Diamond in the Flesh

LordeLorde’s lyrics have come to life as the New Zealand born singer/songwriter has finally gotten to see a “diamond in the flesh.” The 17-year-old has taken to twitter to announce news of an engagement. Who is Lorde tying the knot with? No one, the announcement was for the engagement of her parents. That’s right, Lorde’s parents, Vic O’Connor and Sonja Yelich, have been together now for almost 30 years and finally the couple is making it official.

The Grammy Award singer tweeted, “Best day.”  Lorde followed up with, “Went to Niagara Falls – my dad proposed to my mum after almost 30 years together.” The tweet was then followed with emoticons of everything happy; hearts, roses, diamonds, smiley faces and, of course, a ring.

Lorde’s first hit, Royals, ironically has the words, “I’ve never seen a diamond in the flesh-I cut my teeth on wedding rings in the movies.” Well now that the first part of the verse has come true, hopefully Lorde won’t be cutting her lips open on any wedding ring in the near future.

Lorde was in Toronto to appear and perform at the Much Music Video Awards (MMVAs) on Sunday, June 15. The trip seemed to be a happy one all the way around. First Lorde wins for International Video of the Year and then her parents finally get engaged.

Many fans have weighed in wondering why all of a sudden did O’Connor propose to Yelich after almost 30 years of being together. Some commented that since the proposal only came after Lorde became a superstar then obviously money had everything to do with it. However, not everyone is falling for that negative and shallow way of thinking. Fans of Lorde want to celebrate the good news, not tear it apart. After all, Lorde finally got to see a diamond in the flesh.

Lorde has two sisters and in a recent interview with Interview Magazine, the New Zealand born talent revealed just how great her family is. “My parents are pretty good,” Lorde said, “they understand what I really want.” Lorde told Interview, “If I do decide to leave school at the end of this year, that’s a bridge we’ll cross.” Whether or not Lorde finishes school or leaves, the Grammy winner said that she does want to go to University one day, probably to study in film and media.

Lorde is very down to earth and fans can see that the singer/songwriter hasn’t let fame get to her head. Lorde thanks her parents for keeping her grounded. Lorde explains that if her parents did not take her iPhone away from her at night, the singer would never get any homework done. Instead, she would be on Instagram or Facebook all night long. Having Taylor Swift as your good buddy doesn’t hurt matters any. Swift, though known to be a serial dater, has a very clean image with her fans and the media and Swift generally stays away from trouble.

Now that Lorde has finally seen a diamond in the flesh, the family is overjoyed at the wonderful news of their parents tying the knot after so long together. Proposing at Niagara Falls on the weekend your daughter wins the International Video of the Year award, sounds like O’Connor is pretty romantic after all. No wonder Lorde was elated and tweeted out her excitement. Lorde’s father proves that it is never too late for love, for marriage or for diamonds.

By Derik L. Bradshaw


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2 Responses to "Lorde Sees a Diamond in the Flesh"

  1. dude   June 18, 2014 at 8:02 pm

    By the way Lorde is a smart cookie she is learning fast how to deal with the fame. I think she will be around for a while. Very talented and kid.

  2. dude   June 18, 2014 at 7:57 pm

    Derik…serial dater? Taylor has not dated since Harry Stiles 18 months ago. She dates less than the average 24yo who belongs to the Christian mingle dating service or J date. How many women has her ex been with in those 18 monthes. He is called a playboy, heartthrob stud, and women cant resist his charms. 1d fans call her a s××× or a w×××× if she is phographed standing in the same room with a famous single man. Serial dater is a misogynistic phrase the gossips invented to slut sham a woman in her 20s who dares not be married already. If Taylor swift is a serial dater so are most singles who are not married and date or go on line looking for a mate , but the only time I have ever heard the stupid phrase is when a gossip talks about Taylor. Im getting tired of people using “serial dater”and the other over used expression “BFF” . Its ridiculous already. SORRY FOR THE RANT, BUT I DO FEEL BETTER NOW.

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