Shark Week 2014: 13 Weeks of New Programs

Shark Week 2014

To the excitement of shark enthusiasts everywhere, Shark Week 2014 is coming back to TV with a whopping 13 weeks of exciting new programs. The Discovery Channel will air the new programs starting August 10.

In a new press release, Shark Week explains that it intends to build on 2013’s 11 weeks of episodes, with two extra weeks worth of shows. Added to the normal shark shows will be a live talk show each night. These extra programs will make Shark Week 2014 the most hours of footage ever shown in the events 27-year history.

The popular show, Shark After Dark will return with host Josh Wolf. The show will discuss all things related to sharks, with experts and celebrity guests. Fans will also have a chance to interact with the program via live tweeting their questions for the panel.

Shark Week 2014 has brought many other programs back for the extended 13 week run. Sharkageddon will uncover and explore the unknown shark invasions in Hawaii. Shark whizzes Jeff Kurr and Andy Cassagrande will host Lair of the Maga Shark. This show will feature the life and death missions people undergo to investigate the elusive 20-foot great white shark.

Sure to be a favorite of zombie fans everywhere is the new show Zombie Sharks. This program will explain how tonic immobility, a stupefied zombie-like state, can be achieved in great whites. Even orca whales have figured out how reduce the powerful animal to this state, and thus has caused the recent spike of attacks on great whites by orca whales. Also in this program, Eli Martinez, a professional diver, will attempt to be the first person to try tonic immobility on a great white shark.

Shark researcher, Paul Clerkin, will host Alien Shark: Return to the Abyss. This program will explore the Indian Ocean in hopes of finding a new species of sharks. The host also hopes to see the last known group of bioluminescent sharks in the world.

Hoping to find the birthing ground of the great whites is Dr. Michael Domeier. Domeier will host Spawn of Jaws 2: The Birth. Viewers will watch pregnant great white sharks being tagged, and hopefully they will lead Domeier to their breeding grounds.

Shark of Darkness: Submarine Returns will explore the legend of a huge, supersized great white shark that is described to be the size of a submarine. This enormous 30-foot great white shark is said to be terrorizing the coast of South Africa. The existence of this shark has never been proven, until this program.

Other shows sure to excite shark fans are: Monster Hammerheads, Great White Matrix, Air Jaws: Quest for Colossus, Jaws Strikes Back, I Escaped Jaws 2, and Megaldon: The New Evidence.

Shark Week 2014 is back and has many new programs to fill the 13 weeks of airtime. Excited fans can start counting down the days until the annual series returns at the official Shark Week 2014 Countdown clock. Currently, there is only 44 days and nine hours left until you can sink your teeth into all things shark.

By Sara Petersen

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Shark Week 2104 Count Down
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2 Responses to "Shark Week 2014: 13 Weeks of New Programs"

  1. cowshark defin (@cowsharky)   July 10, 2014 at 10:56 am

    Jeff, it’s more species than that:

    1. Great White Shark
    2. Really big Great White Shark
    3. Seriously big, like at least 20 feet, dude Great White Shark
    4. Megalodon, which totally loves to toke up and party with the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot

    Tons of variety there!

  2. Jeff   July 3, 2014 at 6:35 pm

    Shark Week lacks emphasis on all species of sharks & It’s a shame because it used to. Now, according to the the Discovery Channel’s new scientific method, there’s only three species to study. Great going guys & girls! Luckily you have “Shark After Dark” to reduce your audience’s IQs even more.


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