Shia LaBeouf Escorted From Broadway

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Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf is at it again after being escorted from a Broadway production of Cabaret by police. The actor was disturbing those around him and making it difficult for the performers by shouting obscenities towards the stage. He was allowed to remain for the first act, and was escorted out during the intermissions according to the theater staff.

The Transformers star seems to be going from bad to worse over the last few months. Since the new year, he has not really had one good thing publicly said about him. He was originally involved in a plagiarism battle, when LaBeouf was accused to copying someone else’s work. Virtually admitting that he was in the wrong, he hired a skywriter to send an apology that the victim would never even see, being that the original author was in San Francisco and the message was in Los Angeles.

As well as the skywriter, there were tweets that were supposed to be apologies. However, each of those “apologies” were infuriating and plagiarised from others. In the end, he announced that he would retire from public life, but that has clearly not stuck. While he may not be involved in much in the way of Hollywood, he is still making a scene while out in public.

The 28-year-old was arrested on Thursday night due to the incident, charged with criminal trespass and disorderly conduct. This was very quickly after LaBeouf was escorted from the Broadway theater property, and was also due to attacking the policemen arresting him.

This is not the first time the former child star has been arrested. He was charged with trespassing in 2007, but those charges were eventually dropped. They involved the actor drinking and visiting Walgreen’s on three different occasions on the same night at around 4am.

It is not even the first Broadway incident. In 2013, the actor was supposed to debut in a performance of Orphans in one of the theaters, but there were problems with “creative differences.” The actor ended up dropping out of the show.

LaBeouf was taken away from the Broadway theater in handcuffs due to his antics. According to Just Jared, Danny Burstein, a cast member of Cabaret, updated his Facebook to let people know about the events. It mentioned that act two of the performance was starting, and that the Transformers actor had left the building involuntarily in handcuffs. Photos were also taken as fans and theater-goers witnessed the incident.

Thursday night also saw the release of the latest Transformers movie, which is the first one that the actor has not been involved in. Some question whether the actions were a ploy to put the attention onto himself instead of a movie that he was not privileged to be a part of. It would certainly seem like something the 28-year-old would do considering his recent behavior.

The actor has previously blamed some of his behavior on his upbringing. He explained that he watched his father go through drug withdrawals, and it led to him being a grown up from a very young age. However, it also seems like a case of someone growing up in the limelight as a child star, and has realized that life is not that easy anymore. It is not the first time that LaBeouf has caused a scene, and this latest one has seen him escorted from Broadway in handcuffs.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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