Smartphone Safety Tips Everyone Needs to Follow

smartphone safety

There are certain smartphone1 safety tips everyone needs to follow on a daily basis. Many of these tips will lead to people rolling their eyes, because they fail to realize the dangers hidden behind them. The problem is that this growing technology continues to make privacy an issue. With some planning, those issues become lessened.

Turning off the GPS is one of the biggest safety tips. With this on, the smartphone2 gives away someone’s location. It is included in photos, on social media and makes it very easy to track. It also runs the phone’s battery down considerably. There are now apps that can be downloaded for people to find someone. It is very easy to just turn the GPS on when needed, such as when trying to use Maps to find somewhere.

Adding a form of anti-malware software onto a phone is very important. Those who use PCs and Macs will have some type of software to make sure downloads are safe and time on the internet is protected. However, those same people forget about this when it comes to a phone, whether it is an iPhone, Android phone or some other technical gadget. There are apps from various anti-malware companies, and these apps are well worth the investment. Hackers can do all sorts of damage and get all sorts of information if left unprotected.

Phones go missing all the time, especially the highly expensive ones. One of the major smartphone3 safety tips everyone needs to follow is protecting data. So much information is stored on a phone that people fail to realize. This includes password and credit card information. It is possible to encrypt the information. It is also possible to set up a specific password to keep all that information protected. Do not assume a phone will not go missing, as they can very easily be pulled out of pockets. There have been cases of people having their phones stolen but not actually realizing. They think the phone is lost somewhere around the house at first, and can even turn up as thieves get all the information they need.

Trading phones is now extremely common. In most cases, the person receiving a new smartphone4 is an innocent party and will erase all information before using it. However, not everyone is like this. It is important to act with caution and erase all information anyway. The best way to do this is to restore the phone to its factory settings. This is very easy to do, but make sure all information is taken off the phone that the user wants to keep for personal reasons.

It is time for people to realize the dangers in their handheld devices. Technology has become smarter but more dangerous at the same time. Thieves and hackers know about all the information stored, and will use tools to get it. There are also the risks of stalkers following due to the GPS location being available. Everyone needs to follow the above smartphone5 safety tips to at least limit the risk that they are forcing on themselves.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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