Starbucks Turns to Wireless Phone Charging


Starbucks has always looked to be one step ahead from other competing coffee and tea cafes. Whether it was constructing the newest concoction of a coffee drink, or providing free WiFi at their thousands of locations nationwide, Starbucks has made a name for itself for coffee drinkers to become addicted to more than just their coffee. The company has yet another reason to be ahead as they turn to install wireless phone charging in the majority of their locations not only within the nation but also all over the world.

For years, Starbucks has looked to provide all the best for their customers. This includes serving top of the line coffee and always serving fresh-baked goods. Recently, many locations started to serve breakfast and lunch sandwiches, while also putting together snack trays. The layout of each individual location varies from another, but all consist of comfy seating to enjoy the company of other people and also tables and chairs for studying.

Starbucks started providing free WiFi at their locations in 2010. This attracted more people to choose Starbucks over other stores as technology started to become more advanced and prominent all over. Now, it is normal to walk in and see numerous customers lingering as they drink their coffee with their laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Even given how advanced technology is today, it is still uncommon to purchase a phone or laptop that has a rechargeable source that is already built-in. However, many companies have started to invent rechargeable batteries that are able to be plugged into the phone itself and charge it that way. Starbucks sought out this opportunity to once again, provide the latest and greatest for their customers.

Today, the company has announced that they are teaming up with Duracell Powermat. Duracell has constructed the latest innovation that provides a wireless recharging system which, they hope will be a success. Starbucks will officially turn to wireless phone charging as they make a deal with Duracell to install various mats on tables and counters throughout their locations worldwide. This also includes installing the Powermat system into their affiliated Teavanna locations as well.

Starbucks has already slowly been installing Powermats in Boston and San Jose, California as a test trial. Seeing the success, the official installation of the Powermats will start in San Francisco, California and make its way nationwide. Eventually, the installation will also then go worldwide to provide the wireless phone charging source for Starbucks customers to recharge their phones as they come in for a cup of coffee to recharge themselves also. This includes the majority of locations in both Europe and Asia.

The Powermats will have specified areas on various tables and counters. They have capability of recognizing the phone, and from there the phone will automatically begin to charge. This is intended to prevent the hassle of finding power outlets and leave those outlets free for other purposes such as laptop usage. The average number of Powermats will be 12 to 14 per store.

The next three years will consist of Duracell installing 100,00 charging pads to the 7,500 stores in just the United States alone. Worldwide, as many as 20,500 Starbucks and Teavanna stores will have turned to the wireless phone charging source. Once again, Starbucks hopes to be one step ahead from their competition by staying just as technologically updated as their patrons.

By Tricia Manalansan

USA Today
Chicago Business

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