Justin Bieber: Selena Cannot Get Enough

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It seems as though love has once again struck the heart of Justin Bieber. However, a new love interest is not the one to attract his attention. The One Less Lonely Girl singer is like a moth to an older flame as Bieber is back with singer/actress, Selena Gomez. In numerous reports, Bieber was said to have been cheating on Gomez with many different woman, betraying her left and right. Even with his womanizing record, however, did not look as though it stood in the way of the pair. Many people did not like this reunion of souls, one of those people being Taylor Swift. Although, despite all of the talk and dislike from some crowds, Selena Gomez cannot seem to get enough of Justin Bieber.

Gomez looks as though she cannot get enough of her former ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber. One would think that after all the heartbreak the Wizards of Waverly Place actor went through that love could not exist within her heart still. Bieber’s silver tongue and sweet words won her back but other factors might have had a hand in this on again, off again relationship. Hollywood Life reported that Bieber had been spotted in public with different female company that came from the modeling industry. Having seen this, Gomez was said to be in a fit of tears, in public, during a lunch with a friend at the Montage Beverly Hills Rooftop Grill. Despite the obvious pain displayed from her, this may have also stirred up the coals of jealousy. For a while, it appeared as though Bieber wanted to harm Gomez but this could have possibly been one of many plots to gain his sweetheart back.

Another factor that could have played a role in the singer’s newly reinstated love is heartbreak. Heartbreak has been known to be a powerful force if both parties in a relationship are just that much in love with one another. Scientifically, it was proven that heartstrings can actually ‘break’, that one could literally die from heartache caused by extreme emotion. A case of this was found back in 1986 in the Massachusetts General Hospital. A 44-year-old woman had been admitted with evidence of having a heart attack. However, even though it looked to be a heart attack, there were no signs that generally came with it such as clots or heart disease. The woman received news that her son had committed suicide. That was when the emotional stress of the news set off the attack on her heart.

Gomez was reported to have been going through emotional stress over Bieber after their many breakups. The 21-year-old stated that people could see her stress levels through some of her public photos. She continued on to say that the breakups were difficult,  but that she couldn’t just sit inside the house and hide away. So even though it appears as though Gomez cannot get enough of Bieber, the emotional stress of heartbreak seen from the pair could be one of the key factors to why they continue to get back together.

Perhaps, however, the main factor that could explain why the two are back within one another’s arms could be the simple, yet complicated aspect of love itself. When the pair first became entangled with one another it seemed their love was at a very high level. Some think that one of Bieber’s new songs was an attempt to reach out to his ‘soul mate’. The song is called Looking For You and judging by the lyrics, Bieber is definitely speaking about a certain lady. Despite the disapproval of Swift and of some fans, Gomez cannot get enough of the Beauty and the Beat singer and it appears that Justin Bieber cannot get enough of her as well.

By Isis E. Stevens

Hollywood Life

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