Sting Refuses to Hand Over Trust Funds to Kids


Sting, the iconic Britain rock star, refuses to hand over trust funds to his kids. He claims that all the money to his name will all be spent before he dies, and is insisting that he will not budge on that decision. All six of his kids should not expect any monetary inheritance as it will be spent on luxurious living for the remainder of his life.

England’s Sting, claims that he will not have much of his money left to inherit to his three sons and three daughters, all in between ages 18 and 37. He is worth about 180 million pounds and plans on spending every last bit of it for the remainder of his life. Sting says that him and his wife live a lavish lifestyle, one that he wants to provide for his kids also in ways other than handing them a check with more zero’s than any normal person would ever dream to obtain.

The British rock star has two children from his ex-wife, Tomelty. Their son Joseph is 37 and their daughter Fuschia is 32. With his current wife, Trudie, they have four kids. Brigitte is 30, Jake is 29, Elliot is 23 and Giacomo is 18. The six of them are fully aware that they will not be receiving a huge check from their father when he passes.

Growing up, Sting knew the value of money. Though he grew up in a simple working-class environment, he knew he had to come up with money by himself. Always having an ear for music, Sting performed at local pubs for ten pounds a night, slowly making and saving money. He knew the meaning of hard-earned cash at an early age, which led him to conclude that hard work does pay in the end, in this case literally. Although Sting had many influences growing up, one major influence growing up was the Queen Mother. He vowed to one day be just as rich and successful and Queen Mother, which was a goal that was met.

Sting’s music career grew in the 1980’s once he left The Police. Although he has been a prominent music figure for nearly 30 years, Sting refuses to hand over three decades worth of earnings and trust funds to his kids. He wants his kids to learn how to make their own money and not live off of inheritances when he passes.

Sting was the main singer for his British band, The Police. Eventually, he chose to be a solo artist and benefited from that decision despite the peak of the band’s career in the mid-eighties. He was much more successful as a solo artist and became much more prominent in the entertainment industry, releasing countless albums in 30 years. He chose to go solo in 1985 and still is just as determined to construct successful albums at the age of 63 years old. In 2007, Sting reconnected with his ex-band members, Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland to go on tour. It became to be the fourth highest grossing tour of all time.

In 30 years, Sting has had much success from his music career. He is estimated to be worth about 180 million pounds. He openly admits to being big-time spender, which also converts his wife Trudie into being a non-saver. Despite being so successful and wealthy, Sting refuses to hand over portions of his trust funds to his kids in hopes that they can one day know the value of money also.

Opinion by Tricia Manalansan

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