Stolen White Maserati Belonging to Miley Cyrus Recovered

Stolen White Maserati Belonging to Miley Cyrus Recovered

Good news for Miley Cyrus — her white four-door 2014 Maserati Quattroporte has been discovered undamaged, abandoned on Alscot Avenue in Simi Valley, California, after it was stolen this past Friday afternoon. Around 4:00 p.m. Friday afternoon, a man and woman reportedly scaled the fence surrounding her property and gained entry to the house through the garage. Besides the luxury sports car, the couple also allegedly stole jewelry and other items belonging to Miley Cyrus that have yet to be recovered. Then, they used the Maserati to make good their escape.

A fingerprint unit from the LAPD was dispatched to the scene and are attempting to obtain usable fingerprints from the white Maserati and also from the “Wrecking Ball” singer’s residence.

One of Miley’s assistants noticed Saturday night about midnight that it looked as if some thing had been moved and suspected a break-in and burglary. Miley Cyrus wasn’t at her home, as she is currently on the European leg of her Bangerz Tour. She took to Twitter to write about how shocked and depressed she was, and how she is still in mourning over the passing of her dog, Floyd, in April.

Stolen White Maserati Belonging to Miley Cyrus Recovered

When the police first arrived at the San Fernando Valley mansion of Miley Cyrus after Miley’s assistnat called them, they didn’t detect any apparent signs of a break-in, like broken glass. Still, they sent out a fingerprint unit and checked the CCTV security cameras to see if they had captured images of the criminals in action.

Though the LAPD haven’t yet stated why they think a man and woman team were the culprits who broke into Miley’s house, it is likely that they saw the pair on the CCTV footage. As there was no signs of forced entry, investigators believe that the burglars are professionals, or have had some previous experience breaking into and burglarizing houses.

The break-in and burglary are the second time within seven months that burglars have broken into the Miley Cyrus residence. The first time was on November 22, the day before Miley’s 21st birthday. Miley Cyrus also wasn’t at her home the first time it was burglarized. Then, an estimated $100,000 worth of jewelry and a Chanel designer purse were among the items stolen.

After witnesses reported seeing the Maserati Quattroporte on Alscot Avenue, valued at $102,500, they notified the police. The police are still reviewing the CCTV film footage and other evidence to learn as much about the criminals as they can.

Besides these two incidents, in 2012 a man armed with a pair of scissors managed to gain entry into the pop singer’s house. Again, Cyrus wasn’t at her residence and her employees phoned the LAPD and had the man taken into custody. Also, Miley Cyrus was recently granted a restraining order against an Arizona man who reportedly believed that Miley was somehow trying to communicate with him and tell him to come and see her.

The man and woman who stole the Maserati probably either abandoned the car because they were afraid they would be spotted in it, or they drove it to where they had another car ready and waiting for them. Whatever the case might be, Miley Cyrus is reportedly happy to have her car recovered and in one piece. The LAPD have not made any arrests yet in connection with the burglary, but are still in the process of reviewing all of the evidence.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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