Wisconsin Preteens Stab Friend 19 Times to Prove Devotion to “Slender Man”

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Two Wisconsin preteens face charges for the attempted murder of a 12-year-old girl. The alleged attackers, also both 12 years of age, are charged in adult court in the vicious stabbing of their friend, who they had been plotting to kill for months. Prosecutors believe that the girls stabbed their friend 19 times in a Waukesha, Wisconsin, park in order to prove their devotion to an imaginary creature called Slender Man, which they had read about online. Both girls were charged with first-degree attempted murder as party to a crime on Monday. They could each face 60 years  in prison if found guilty. All three girls attended Horning Middle School in Waukesha.

Fox6 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has identified the alleged attackers as Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier. Police describe both girls as being fascinated by “death and horror.” They are alleged to have invited the victim to a sleepover on Friday night before arranging to meet with her in the park, at which time one girl pinned her down while the other stabbed her 19 times, according to the police report. The victim suffered stab wounds in her arms, torso and legs, with one of the wounds barely missing an artery located near to her heart by one millimeter. As of Monday, the unidentified girl was in stable condition due to her own courage; after the other girls left her for dead, she managed to crawl to a road near the woods, where she was found by a passing bicyclist at approximately 9:50 a.m.

Both of the alleged attackers were found by a sheriff’s deputy several hours after the victim had been discovered. Police state that they were also able to recover the knife used in the stabbing.Slender Man

The police report indicates that the motive for the attack was the desire of the girls to become “proxies” of a mythological creature with demonic qualities known as Slender Man, which requires that the girls murder somebody. Slender Man is a meme which first appeared on the Internet in 2009 and was discovered by the girls on “CreepyPasta,” a website of which Slender Man is  said to be the leader. The site is devoted to scary tales and old legends of horror to which users can submit their own stories. The tales involving Slender Man describe him as a lanky man with a blank face who wears a suit and attacks children from his home, which is generally located  in suburban woods.

Weier first introduced the site to Geyser in January or February of this year, which led Geyser to suggest that they become proxies of Slender Man in order to prove their dedication to him. One of the girls indicated that Slender Man comes to her in dreams and watches her and that he can read her mind and teleport as well.  One of the girls  also reportedly stated to police that not many people believe in Slender Man, and she “wanted to prove the skeptics wrong.” After the attack, which was supposed to kill the third girl, the two alleged assailants planned to escape to the Nicolet National Forest, where the Slender Man is said to make his mansion home.

A tweet originating from what is said to be the official CreepyPasta Twitter account on Monday said that their hearts go out to the victim.

During a Monday press conference, the police chief of Waukesha, Wisconsin, asked parents to be involved and to monitor what their children are doing online, stating, ““This should be a wake up call for parents. Parents are strongly encouraged to restrict and monitor their children’s Internet usage.”

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