Streaming Media Service to Develop Adult Content for VR

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Adult content vendor and streaming media merchant SugarDVD is currently attempting to develop new, interactive adult content for virtual reality technology (or VR). Since the acquisition of the Oculus Rift by media giant Facebook, the adult entertainment industry has been abuzz with plans to integrate VR and pornography. While most companies are focusing on the gaming utility of converting 2D technologies to a 3D interface, SugarDVD and other adult entertainment companies are already well on the way to having an interactive demo available for testers.

SugarDVD, the premiere, Los Angeles-based proctor of adult entertainment, offers a streaming media app for PC’s, consoles, and mobile devices. The DVD rental company, which began offering titles available for mail-order in 2002, has since broadened services to include DVD sales, download-to-own titles, adult toy sales, and unlimited streaming media content across devices. SugarDVD has been endorsed by a smattering of celebrity clients, ranging from Adam Corolla, Tori Spelling, and Flava Flav, and been positively reviewed by such trusted sources as Oprah, Hustler and Playboy Magazines.

Since 2011, when the Netflix-like service made media available for unlimited streaming, SugarDVD has become the top provider of adult entertainment apps on almost every console and device available. This is an impressive feat, especially considering that developers like Google and Apple both have strong anti-pornography standards and safeguards in place to prevent content being developed specifically for adult viewing. SugarDVD, along with other adult industry outlets, have a proven track record of pioneering new technology to advance sale of pornographic material. Using the technology this company has developed for the service’s unlimited streaming app, this porn provider expects to pave the way for more movie and television based apps to arrive on the Oculus Rift.

“Right now, [Oculus Rift] is still in the development phase,” explains a company spokesperson for SugarDVD. “In order to use OR for adult content, new content has to be made specifically for Oculus Rift, similar to how 3D content should be shot in 3D before converted.” The spokesperson went on to explain just how the streaming media service plans to develop VR content for their adult subscribers. “We’ve been experimenting with Unity and other programming languages to get everything set up for the content that’s being shot right now, and look forward to providing an immersive world of adult content.”

“Interactive porn has been somewhat of a fringe market simply because of resources and availability, but with Oculus Rift and other newer VR tech, we expect fully integrated pornography in the next five years. Porn has always helped new media evolve,” the SugarDVD spokesperson concluded, “ and those that don’t adapt or cater to the adult marketplace are usually left behind.”

SugarDVD is calling for subscribers to enroll in the unlimited streaming adult service as soon as possible in order to become entered in a pool of potential beta media testers that will help develop VR content for the company. This streaming media service is currently drafting a beta version of their virtual reality immersion tech for the Oculus Rift, and the company indicates that beta testers will be needed. Testers will be drawn from a pool of new and existing subscribers to the streaming adult media service, and subscribers will be kept updated on any and all VR porn developments from the adult content professionals at SugarDVD.

By Mariah Beckman

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