Streaming Media: The Next Step

Streaming Media

It is interesting the types of companies that have become household names today. Google, Netflix, Chromecast and YouTube, to name a few, are names that almost every household in America, not to mention around the world, knows pretty well. These media companies have offered their streaming media services, and many others, to millions of people for years now. They have changed even the small things of this little world. Everything from movie night, to the way that game addicted kids respond to their parents when they call them for dinner. There are some however, asking what the next step is going to be. The answer is that it is right around the corner and it has the potential to change the world.

Arguably the largest contribution of the changes to streaming media looks like it will be coming from Google Glass. The $1,500 wearable headset may be new, but it is already having an impact on the way that media is being used by consumers, but also on the policies that surround the usage of  that data. According to a document released by Cisco, projections are showing that the amount of data used per year will increase to 11 times the amount used in 2013, coming out to around 190 billion gigabytes of information by 2018. The study also showed that Glass, if it takes off, could be one of the largest data consuming mobile devices of all time. The study showed that the device could go through 25 percent more, a total of around seven gigabytes, than the next highest projected peer-to-peer device that year, the tablet.

Interestingly, this next step in wearable devices is not the only change just around the bend. Streaming media and Wearables are not the only method by which the future will arrive, soon entire homes will be just as intelligent as those little rectangles that everyone is carrying with them. In fact transforming a home into a “Smarthome” is possible right now. There are plenty of online resources that have great deals on these new technologies as they are released to the public. Technologies such a remote outlets, security, even remote water shutoff valves are available should anyone want them. Currently these products are being sold by lesser known brands such as INSTEON, Smarthome SELECT, and Leviton, but the day may be coming when these too will be memorized household names.

Other more well known companies such as Sony, Belkin, and Sylvania are slowly but surely positioning themselves in this new market space, but do not expect many amazing gadgets just yet. Many of the current gadgets available do not have the highest reviews. In addition, current gadgets struggle to keep there promises when it comes to usability and reliability. Making sure of the quality, as well as how well the product has performed for others is extremely important when it comes to buying merchandise at these prices.

One final contender in the battle for the future is Switchable Glass, and Samsung’s Smart Window. These technologies give all the others a run for their money, as they have the power to replace many other products currently on the scene all at once, especially Samsung’s Smart Window. Far from being just a normal window, these new windows have the power to give you access to streaming media anywhere in your home. That includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Combine this technology with Switchable Glass and the these company will give even deeper meaning to the newly coined phrase “take my money.”

Opinion By Phillip Schmidt

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