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Bonus Stream Summer Games Done Quick 2014

After a very successful week of streaming, Summer Games Done Quick 2014 comes to a slow stop. Now that the main event is over bonus games have taken over. During the course of the week those that donate can pick where their funds go, a number of options include bonus speedruns, crazy glitches, and races which get played after the main event. Collecting donations for the humanitarian group, Doctors Without Borders, Summer Games Done Quick 2014 has raised $700,000 in the last week.

The bi-annual charity event revolves around people playing video games to raise money for charity. If you have favorite video games on any system and want to see how fast people can play through them, the stream is something for you. To get you warmed up to what the event is about, here is a four-way Super Metroid race from Awesome Games Done Quick 2014. In addition, the group dedicated to keeping track of these runs, Speed Demos Archive, has a website loaded with more speedruns.

What can be expected from the bonus schedule? Such is a mystery. In fact, between games a sign describes what to expect  next, it says, “Somewhere between Whatever and Deal with it.” There is the donation list that shows what amount is required from each bonus game. One of the highest reaching bonus goals is $10,000 for a race between the two fastest racers on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Fortunately for everyone, the goal was exceeded.

With such an enormous spectrum of games taking place over the span of the week, bonus stream offers an opportunity for other fan favorites to get some love. A perfect example would be The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask which was finished in less than two hours and followed by a number of wacky and unexpected game breaking glitches. Another unexpected event was a Pokemon Trading Card Game race on the Game Boy Color.

Even though the stream is nearly over, it is still possible to donate, however almost all donation prizes have been claimed. Also, The Yetee is still selling t-shirts for $11 with $3 from each sale going to Doctors Without Borders. Particular shirts only remain available for a short amount of time. The dedication from the speedrunners, streamers, and all staff at Summer Games Done Quick is insurmountable, without them such a heartfelt event would not be possible.

When will Summer Games Done Quick 2014 actually end? When the bonus stream dies. As for the actual event, more than $700,000 dollars was raised for Doctors Without Borders. To date, Games Done Quick has raised a total of more than $2.75 million dollars for charity over the years. The next event they will be doing will be in the winter and is known as Awesome Games Done Quick 2015. Luckily you don’t have to wait that long because Speed Demos Archive has the speedrunning action you desire.


By Garrett Jutte
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